No parking in Garden Brae Court

The council have recently been informed by local residents that some Woodleigh School parents have been parking in Garden Brae Court to collect students. Parents were observed stopping/parking on the road and on the nature strips during afternoon school pick up time, mainly near the intersection with Golf Links Road. Stopping or parking on the nature strip is illegal under the Road Safety Road Rules 2017.

The influx of school traffic into Garden Brae Court is causing significant congestion at the intersection and safety concerns to residents. Given the situation, the Council’s parking enforcement team will be undertaking random patrolling on Garden Brae Court, any drivers parking unlawfully will be issued with an infringement.

It is the Council’s view that parents should be utilising the existing pick-up and drop-off facility available within Woodleigh School as it is the safer option.

We ask you to please support us in prioritising the safety of our community by adhering to Woodleigh’s Car Park Safety Guidelines.

Woodleigh Car Park Safety Guidelines can be downloaded here.

Deputy Principal - Head of Senior Campus