Ninjas and Noodles Camp Reflections

Ninjas and Noodles camp was phenomenal. We spent the week alternating between Wing Chun Kung Fu with Master Joe and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with Coach Trav, and started every day with Fudoshin, which is traditional Japanese sword training with Sensei Darren. Mr Ryan organised a different Asian restaurant for every day, and the food is some of the best I’ve ever had. From amazing dumplings to Korean barbeque (cooked at our table in front of us), we got to enjoy a wide range of delicious foods, most of which we wouldn’t have eaten otherwise. In the afternoons we had lessons on traditional Japanese calligraphy and ink painting with our instructor Miho, and a meditation session with our Fudoshin instructor Darren. This week was one of the best weeks of my life, and I want to keep practicing martial arts.

Year 11

For Activities Week, I participated in the amazing Ninjas and Noodles Camp. This included so many great things. For lunch on the first day, we went to a Korean BBQ place, and it was cool how they cooked the food right in front of us. There were lots of martial arts experiences like Kung Fu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I learned some kicks and punches. Lunch on the second day was DUMPLINGS and they were something else! As a table, we tried to eat every dumpling and not waste any. Our mission was successful! On Wednesday we has so much fun learning takedowns in BJJ, and we also had a calligraphy lesson where I learned how to write my name in Japanese. The next few days were similar: doing BJJ, Fudoshin sword training and Kung Fu. We also did a painting session with our Japanese instructor Miho where I painted some bamboo.

Some other highlights were the restaurant Ginseng for our final lunch and the sword routine that we learned. I can’t forget the ninja star throwing! Overall I rate this camp an 11 out of 10.

Thanks to Mr Ryan, Ms Craven and Mr Wu: we all had a great time!