News from the First Aid Room

As we move into 2022, there are several key changes that will be occurring across the First Aid rooms. These changes are to ensure we maintain a best practice approach and to ensure we meet evolving risk management and compliance requirements.

1: Medication Administration

The school is moving towards paracetamol being the only over the counter medication that will be supplied to students (and only when parent permission has been provided via Operoo). All other medication will need to be supplied from home, in the original packaging, with the student's full name, the medication dosage, administration advice, and parent name and signature supplied. The medication will then be stored in the First Aid room and will be provided to your child when the need arises. (my comment – perhaps this is via Operoo form).

We understand that this is a change from existing practice; however, external consultants have advised that this is the best course of action for all parties. If your child requires any over the counter medication, we ask that you complete the Operoo Medication Authority form available here as soon as possible and deliver the medication to the relevant First Aid Officer.

2: Questions to be removed from Operoo Medical form

We are also writing to advise that we will no longer request Medicare numbers, ambulance cover status or private health cover information. This information is not critical to an emergency response and does not impact our emergency treatment protocols, and, in keeping with our Privacy Policy, we believe we should not hold this data as a matter of course. If particular camps, excursions, or activities require this information, we will request it on the Operoo form specific to the event and only hold the data for as long as it is required.

3: Staying Current

When providing first aid to your child, the information you provide via Operoo is critical. We ask that all parents review and update their child's Operoo Profile regularly, particularly when there is a change in health circumstances. If your child requires a Health Management Plan (i.e., asthma, allergy, anaphylaxis, diabetes, epilepsy), we ask you to check their expiry dates and upload updated plans onto the Operoo platform.

4: Anaphylaxis: EpiPen versus Anapen

Woodleigh staff have just completed their six monthly Anaphylaxis briefing. The training we undertake is related to the use of EpiPens rather than Anapens, so we ask that parents of anaphylactic children provide the school with an EpiPen rather than an Anapen.

As always, if your child has health issues that you wish to discuss, please get in touch with the School Nurse, Di Mold, on 5971 6100.