New Bandicoots in Town!

The Brian Henderson Reserve at Senior Campus had some new folks move in on Tuesday night – a community of Southern Brown Bandicoots!

These bouncy little guys are relatives of the Bilby and, importantly, are native to the Peninsula. Though they were once common, they're now considered endangered across Australia, with the last major population found not too far away in the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens.

At Woodleigh, they'll have the chance to survive and thrive in the predator-proof confines of the reserve, safe from the foxes and cats who have decimated their wild populations.
Students will help monitor the animals via trapping and night vision cameras while also helping care for the animals who make up our small captive breeding program.
The Brian Henderson Reserve is now home to the Bandicoots, as well as populations of Brush-tailed Rock Wallabies, Red-necked Wallabies, Tammar Wallabies, Tasmanian Pademelons, Rufous Bettongs, Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Eastern Quolls and a pair of Emus!
Thank you to Pails for Scales Conservation for donating these animals.