Mt Rothwell Community Partnership Weekend, 15–16 June

Mt Rothwell put on chilly but beautiful few days for our latest weekend of voluntary conservation work. We were very busy too! The Dingoes needed exercise and we needed to clean out all the breeding enclosures and feed the Eastern Barred Bandicoots, Eastern Quolls and the Bush-stone Curlews both days. More than 50 pens currently inhabited!

We scrubbed the concrete areas, removed all the faeces and cleaned water bowls and food bowls. All the Quoll pens needed some freshly-cut branches and mulch to help with enrichment. The best bit was visiting the other areas of the reserve to collect the mulch from the Red Box Woodland and cut branches from the Koala plantings.

This is now a 10-year partnership that has seen Woodleigh students do a lot of different and interesting jobs to help Mt Rothwell fight the extinction of significant Victorian species and to say thank you to Annette and her team for helping us set up the Brian Henderson Wildlife Reserve.

Hollie Hughes lead the student group, including her sister Hannah, Danae Fidele, Karen Fenton, Ava Drayton-Benson, Rose South, Indra and Maya Stubbs and Jackson Siepen. Hollie was supported by Callum Simpson and Tash James – original Field Gnats who graduated from Woodleigh in 2014 – and Jenny Emery and myself. We also had a surprise visit from Shona Janky and her partner, Brian, on Saturday afternoon.

A huge thank you to all of them for their hard work, a special thank you to Rose for her photography and a huge thank you to Annette, Sarah and all the team at Mt Rothwell.

Dr Gary Simpson
Director of the Brian Henderson Wildlife Reserve