Mother's Day Stall

Mother’s Day Stall

The Mother’s Day stall is uniquely run at Minimbah. It’s not only about showing appreciation to all the mums and special friends for all that they do, it is also about student participation. The art of creating a gift uniquely made by them. In 2017, Year 5 and 6 students made the puddings as part of an elective activity called ‘My Pudding Rules’.

What the kids have to say about My Pudding Rules:

  • “Fun because you got to cook stuff but also learnt about it. When you are stirring a pot you always hold the handle otherwise it spills.” 
  • “Enjoyed it because you got to help make gifts for the Mother’s Day stall. Got to learn how to make pudding and I made new friends.”
  • “I liked that we made dessert and they were really yummy! Liked making gifts for the Mother’s Day stall.

What the kids have to say about the Mother’s Day stall:

  • “Fun to design something for Mum.”
  • “Know Mum will appreciate it and like it because you made it.”
  • “I liked the one where you made the necklace. Would like to make my own thing on the day of the stall. Would like pictures and drawings to go with it.”
  • “I liked drawing and decorating the bags.”
What the parent helpers have to say about the Mother’s Day stall:
  • “Was chuffed that an old woman like me was asked to help! Loved it and being involved with the kids.”
  • “Cute watching the kids putting so much thought into what they chose. Cute to see the other side of the creative process.”
  • “It was fun to watch the children choosing their gifts and being so thoughtful. To be honest I have fun playing shops too!”
We love to tap into the expertise of the school community for Mother’s Day stall ideas. If you have ideas, resources or skills to offer please email: