Minimbah PFG School Disco 2017

School Disco 2017

The school disco is a night of anticipated excitement that offers an enriching experience for the children. The Year 4s had the added valuable experience of decorating and running the disco.

What the Year 4s have to say about running the Disco:

  • “I liked the emoji idea and being part of the decorating. I liked working, how you got to serve people.”
  • “love it, really fun because I like organising things.”
  • “setting up the lights and doing the money bit was really fun.”
  • “I learnt to keep going even if you got it wrong.”
  • “seeing things, we made at the disco.”
  • “I liked making the emoji’s it was fun.”
  • “A lot of fun drawing the emojis.”
  • “Great, awesome, fantastic.”
  • “It was my favourite ever, ever in the world. We did dancing.”