Merry melodies from Music House

As we head into the final week of school, there are still a few end-of-year performances to go. The Minimbah Rock Band has been practicing for Tuesday’s Year 6 Graduation and the final Year 6 assembly of the term. The Year 6 students have busily been preparing multiple musical items for their graduation, where they can showcase many of the musical skills, they have learned during their time at Minimbah.

It is lovely to reflect on this term's performances. We started the term with a Soiree where students had an opportunity to share pieces they have been learning during their instrumental lessons. Last week’s Perberkoong event was as special as always as we watched the Foundation students share the Nativity story. Our Year 3 and 4 students performed a relatively unknown piece called ‘Sing’ with Penbank and it featured our very own Amy and Alice from Year 4. Our Three Campus Combined Choir sang the poignant Archie Roach song ‘Let Love Rule’, and beautiful harmonies rang out over the senior campus. It was wonderful to have so many Year 5 and 6 students volunteer to share this song, which they presented so well.

Foundation to Year 4 music classes have been wrapping up the year with class concerts and learning Christmas songs on different instruments. Year 5 students enjoyed having some time to play Christmas music on the ukulele.

We are looking forward to another wonderfully musical year in 2023.

Music teachers