Melbourne Zoo Work Experience Reflection

​Last year in early December, I got the chance to do work experience at Melbourne Zoo. I got to work with the ZooKeepers and learn about the animals and their needs. On Monday I worked with primates and I made different feeds for the gorillas and arboreal monkeys. Then on Tuesday I was working with the carnivores team I had to help feed the lions/snow leopards. I got to feed the giraffes, I learned about their environment, and how the zoo works with the animals.

On Wednesday I had to feed the sea life animals (seals and birds) and help look after the penguins. Then Thursday I worked with the Australian animals team we worked with feeding schedules and general check-ups. Friday was my last day, and I got to work with insects, specifically the butterflies, and learn how exact the temperature needs to be, how the zookeepers make the nectar, and how they use science to measure every little detail.

Everyone got on well with each other, and even as a work experience student they made me feel a part of the team and included me in conversations. It is a very accommodating workplace, from what I experienced.

The process I had to go through to be accepted was submit an interest to Mr Kirk. Then I did an interview through the school and then I got through and had to submit an application to Melbourne zoo, and wait to hear from them, and I got an email saying I got through. I would highly recommend this Work experience to anyone interested in animals and if you think you would want to work in a thrilling/hard-working and rewarding field of work then definitely consider applying for this experience.

Year 11