Matilda cast announcement!

It has been an exciting and grueling audition process for Year 6, starting from the initial auditions to several callbacks, ensuring everyone had the opportunity to showcase and explore their abilities and talents. From the sweet and caring Miss Honey; to the mischievous but clever Matilda; the scary, domineering 'maggot hating' Miss Trunchbull; to the swiveling hips of Rudolpho, the dance instructor, the full talents of Year 6 were in full swing!

The best part about this whole process? Everyone showed dedication, flexibility, and focus while supporting, encouraging, and caring for each other. On our ‘Cast Announcement’ day, the excitement was reaching a crescendo!

A mixture of excitement, anticipation, and nerves filled the air as the names were revealed ...

Here are some thoughts and insights from our Year 6 students.

Written before the cast was announced …

I auditioned for Bruce (Mr Wormwood), Nigel and either Bazza or Gazza. I tried to put myself out there so, hopefully, I get one of those roles. One highlight for me was stepping out of my comfort zone and singing in front of people. Even if you're feeling shy or embarrassed, you have to dig deep and know you're putting smiles on people's faces. I've never really been in a production before other than The Little Mermaid, but I'm really excited for the show to go on and about getting my role.

Year 6

Written after the roles were announced …

When we were doing auditions there was always that nervous and excited feeling that we felt creeping behind our backs. We knew that maybe our luck would come out in front, but there was also the chance of the opposite. Then, earlier this week, came the day to announce the cast. Everybody was so enthusiastic, and the clapping was extremely loud. Everyone came out with a role in which they would excel. I got one of the roles I auditioned for, which I’m not going to say (not here, Mum and Dad!) and now I’m really excited. I and everyone else know that soon will come the day when our talents get to flow out in all directions, physically, and emotionally. I can’t wait to start rehearsals, let alone the production itself.

Year 6

Written after the roles were announced …

The Matilda Production is amazing. Only one term into the process, and I can see it. Auditions were hectic. I missed a lot of school, to get my three auditions over, and even more when callbacks came. But when I got up to perform, or sing for Mrs Wong and Mr Huddle, the feeling was the same each time: 'Make it count, Millie.’ Because you have to care to want to do something.

Heaps of my thoughts in the past few weeks have been revolving around production. A lot of my time last week was spent building up to the March 28, when we got our roles. And … I got Matilda. I realised as I cried happy tears, (embarrassing, I know) I got the part because I cared, and I tried, and I made every audition count. And I know that when I read back on this later in the year, I’m going to think, ‘geez, I sound cheesy.’ But I made it count.

So when the years ticks on, this production journey will take me places I never knew I’d go. It will be wild, wacky, fun, friendly, kind, awful, happy, sad. It will be amazing.

Year 6