Making thinking visible in Year 5

We have made a smooth start to Term 3 with happy and enthusiastic children. While Mr Hicks is enjoying his time in France, Mrs Murdoch has made a seamless transition into year 5 and we are all enjoying working together. We are strongly encouraging each child to contribute regularly to class discussions and activities as we are attempting to make our thinking visible.

Unit of Inquiry: Where We Are in Time and Place

We have kicked off our Unit of Inquiry ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’. We are looking at historical evidence through the lenses of perspective and connection.

We will be going on a Study Tour to Sovereign Hill from 10 to 12 August, where we will travel back to the 1850’s as we embark on our inquiry into Australian history during the Gold Rush.

Throughout this unit we focus on four main lines of inquiry:

  • How historical evidence provides insight into the past
  • Whose stories are told through historical evidence
  • The role of validity in historical sources
  • How we curate historical sources to give a perspective on history


In preparation for our Study Tour to Sovereign Hill, we have begun investigating the perspectives of those involved through our historical fiction literacy sessions. The students are creatively preparing character profiles and will be writing an application to attend one of two schools. As part of the inquiry process, students must work cooperatively with others to access, read, interpret, and evaluate a range of source materials. Through the process of planning, drafting, editing and revising their writing students must consider the perspective of the person whose story is being told. It will be a consistent focus for the students to use correct grammar and punctuation as they work towards a polished product.


Our Numeracy unit will also support our inquiry into Australian history at Sovereign Hill as we use directional language and grid reference systems to describe locations and landmarks. Our Numeracy throughout Term 3 will also focus on expanding the students’ knowledge of problem-solving using multiplication and division and algorithms that involve branching and repetition. We are also investigating appropriate units of measurement for perimeter, area, volume, capacity and mass of a variety of shapes. This knowledge will culminate in Week 9 with an Expo of student work, in particular their application of knowledge in the Minimbah Maths Talent Quest.

Minimbah Production - The Little Mermaid

We are all excited and working hard towards the whole school musical production of The Little Mermaid in Week 7. The matinee and first evening performance will be held on Wednesday 31 August, followed by another evening performance on Thursday 1 September.

Please put the dates in your calendar. More details will follow shortly.

Year 5 Classroom Teachers