Lockdown 5.0 – Term 3 2021 – Together – Apart

I am writing this article following the recent announcement of our extended lockdown. By the time you read this, with everything crossed, we will be on the tail end of the current lockdown and remote learning. I speak with many colleagues at other schools, and without fail, I always feel extraordinarily grateful for the support I receive from the Woodleigh Community. While I know these continued lockdown periods take their toll, there is much to celebrate and be thankful for. I attempt to focus on what I can control. I view Social distancing outside the home, mask-wearing, kindness and empathy for others as essential aspects to model and encourage in others during this time of lockdown. It’s vital to nurture connection, adopt a positive attitude, and have an open outlook to ‘change’. Embrace it, if you can!

I look at the work being shared on SeeSaw, and I am in awe of the creativity and ingenuity displayed. The wide variety of responses to schoolwork, the individual flair and the unique ways your children engage with the activities and tasks is undoubtedly inspiring. I’ve loved seeing creative animations, colourful and creative responses to provocations in visual art, beautiful reflections in the form of dance and movement and even whole families creating an array of shapes representing different angles. The engagement of family members is heart-warming. I do not underestimate the time and effort you put in and the sacrifices being made to juggle work, learning, and family life. I thank you for your support.

Challenging and modifying perspectives and behaviours is an essential element of growth in adults and children. As well-rounded, open-minded and reflective citizens, we share ideas, debate, critically analyse and form opinions. As I mentioned in my first message to you for the term, Jodie Kirchner, our PYP Coordinator, presented a delightful YouTube clip entitled, ‘What Do You Practise.’ I thought you might be interested in viewing it yourselves.

Staffing News

At the start of the term, we welcomed our new Deputy Head of Campus, Kate Bird. Kate comes to us from Xavier College and is looking forward to meeting you all as the term progresses. We also welcomed Samantha Dominachi, who has taken over teaching Visual Art, while Anita Harris takes maternity leave. Many of you will already have met Sam online. We wish both Kate and Sam all the best as they settle into life here at Minimbah.

Unfortunately, our recently appointed teacher of Music, Prudence Patullo, has resigned from her position. We thank Prudence for her engagement in our Music Program and wish her well for the future. I am currently working on recruiting a replacement teacher and will let you know the outcome of that process in due course.

Finally, in staffing news, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Liane Clements. Who over many months supported me, the staff and the community more broadly in administrative duties on the days Mrs Jo Smart, Minimbah’s recently retired Deputy Head, was not on campus. Liane’s efforts and input were greatly appreciated. Thank you, Liane!

Don’t Forget to Look After Yourselves Too

Remember to surround yourselves with a good support crew. Create social interactions with friends and family, cherish the moments you have together. Share the positives, share encouragement, share the small wins of the day, especially during lockdowns. Practise these six suggestions

  • Take a moment just to breathe
  • Read an uplifting book or watch a comedic movie. Laughter helps
  • List 5 things you are grateful for
  • Call a family member or friend
  • Find ways to uplift someone else
  • Limit social media

From the Resilience Project

Find below links to the latest podcast from our friends at The Resilience Project. Their series, ‘The Imperfects’, is excellent, and this episode is very timely.

The Academy of Imperfection - Dr Billy Garvey, Paediatrician

Get your pens and notebooks, everyone! In this edition of The Academy of Imperfection, students Hugh, Ryan, Josh sit down with famed paediatrician Dr Billy Garvey of The Royal Children’s Hospital. Currently, Billy regretfully has a two and a half year waiting list to see him in person but is keen to reach as many of you as possible NOW. And with all the talk on our podcast about parenting recently, we felt this was a vital episode. Billy may not look like one of Australia’s most respected and in-demand paediatricians, as we speak about in the episode, but gee whiz, he sure does talk like it!

I look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday at drop off!

Head of Minimbah Campus