Little Shop a Massive Triumph!

Woodleigh School’s production of Little Shop of Horrors is a show that lacks nothing, save for a sequel. As parent Sally Baillieu commented, “What a collection of talents: Amazing voices, characterisations, musical accompaniment, staging, lighting and stagecraft, all so deftly handled and laced with pathos and comedy. I was spellbound!”

Year 12 students Dan Macdonald and Rupert Hodgkins delivered laugh out loud moments of physical and situational comedy, as well as amazing vocals as flower shop owner Mushnick and Orin, the sadistic ‘motorcycle dentist.’ Alex Ferguson’s portrayal of the perennially overlooked and downtrodden Seymour was layered with slapstick and wit – his struggle against the will of the plant (voiced and brought to life by Y11 students Ed Wiggins and Haz Carter) was wonderfully paced and executed with great maturity.

Ed and Haz combined to give life, soul and immense character to Audrey II, their vocal and physical pairing producing some of the finest comedy of the show. Finally, Holly Heron (Y12) brought more than a few tears to the audience when she sang of her dream of a clean, plasticky suburban life, in her portrayal of Audrey, the Skid-Row native who could find and see the best in others, but never herself.

Individually, each performance was brilliant. When pulled together by the trio of Skid-Row urchins, Crystal, Chiffon and Ronette (Sofia Grage-Moore Y12, Emily Thomas Y10 and Maddi Fletcher Y12), the show became a seamless journey from beginning to end, with no bum-notes or missteps, enough hilarious (and occasionally unsettling) cameos to surprise and delight the whole way through.

The ensemble cast of performers moved, looked and sounded the part the entire night through, their efforts, together with the band, sound and lighting and stage management crew combining to produce a piece of theatre that, whilst conventional in nature, was completely exceptional in its execution.

Congratulations to the entire cast and crew on a phenomenally successful show, and to the directorial team of Sue Fletcher, Nick Donaldson, Mike Fletcher and Musical Director Max Rowe (Y12 2015), we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2018.

Adam Liddiard
Director of Community Relations


Crystal Sofia Grage-Moore • Chiffon Emily Thomas • Ronette Maddi Fletcher • Mushnick Dan Macdonald • Audrey Holly Heron • Seymour Alex Ferguson • Orin Rupert Hodgkins • Audrey II Ed Wiggins • Puppeteer Haz Carter • News Reader Jonathan Walter • Customer #1 Alice Bertram • Old Chinese Man Daniel Cooke • WSKID Radio Announcer Jon Arnheim • Customer #2 Katie Lee • Customer #3 Lily Grage Moore • Ms Bernstein Felicity Bertram • Miss Luce Sam Davis • Skip Keeley Baptist • Snip Bec Gynes • Patrick Martin Joe Van Den Dungen • Dentist Patients Juliet Hosler, Max Gilbert, Liv Mauerhofer & Jussy Poyser


Jon Arnheim, Keeley Baptist, Alice Bertram, Felicity Bertram, Daniel Cooke, Georgie Cooney, Sam Davis, Gemma Dawson, Jess Donnelly, Tara Garry, Max Gilbert, Addis Grande, Lily Grage-Moore, Tamsin Griffiths, Erin Grocott, Bec Gynes, Isy Hoffmann, Sophie Horgan, Juliet Hosler, Maddy Kaindel, Lana Kavanagh, Bella Kiely, Hannah Kotsimbos, Katie Lee, Charlotte McCarthy, Liv Mauerhofer, Jussy Poyser, Stetson Prebble, Noah Sahely, Emma Sherrington, Joe Van Den Dungen, Lachlan White

Radio DJs Lachie White & Max Gilbert • Trio Choreography Sarah Thomas & Maddi Fletcher • Movie TrailersJuliet Hosler & Keeley Baptist


Conductor Max Rowe • Keyboard 1 Sue Fletcher • Keyboard 2 Marney Pope • Guitar Chris Le Won Po • Bass Jeff Box • Drums Ruben Jakob • Percussion Bryn Bowen • Reed 1 Hayley Blakiston • Reed 2 Hayden Brown • Trumpet 1 Michael Scott • Trumpet 2 Jordyn Pope


Backstage Siena Garde • Props Felicity Bertram • Sound Design LSS Productions • Sound Operator Jake Sipcic • Mic Tech Felix Friedlander • Lighting Design Starlite (Daniel Jow) • Lighting Operator Liam Matthews • Directors Nick Donaldson & Mike Fletcher • Musical Directors Sue Fletcher & Max Rowe • Other Choreography Sarah Thomas, Nick Donaldson, & Mike Fletcher • Set Design Mike Fletcher • Set Poster Printing Kristen Guthrie • Plant Hire Gary McDonald • Poster Design, Ticketing, Program & PR Adam Liddiard

Special thanks to

Sarah Thomas, Kristen Guthrie, Veronique Lapierre, Shelley Pendlebury, Cornelia Cefai, Woodleigh Staff, Hocking Stuart Mornington