Letter Home

It certainly is a very happy conclusion to Term 2 with us all spending the final week of the semester together. On Friday, all students returned from a two-week lockdown period managed by everyone with a brilliant effort. Student Reports were also distributed that day. Throughout these couple of weeks, I was able to bury myself in report reading and was delighted to have affirmed how well our students are progressing. In particular, I love to read about the children’s passions and interests that immerge through the units of inquiry and specialist areas.

Parent/Teacher interviews are available to parents this week if any further clarification is required regarding reports. These interviews will be conducted via Zoom. Parents will be able to contact reception tomorrow to arrange an appointment if necessary. 

During the lockdown, I was also able to see the work produced throughout this past fortnight by trawling Seesaw and observing the work of the few children who were onsite due to parents’ commitments as essential workers. Great job, everyone!

Managing these COVID times is a tedious business! This week, we will return to social distancing requirements and limitations that we experienced following previous lockdowns. These restrictions can be especially difficult for parents with younger children. However, I wish to assure you, the children are kept safe, love their school and friends, and happily greet their teachers each morning, ready for a purposeful day of work and play. 

Ultimately, we will all manage by optimistically keeping our hopes high that Term 3 will be similar to the predominance of our Term 2 experience. We do live in such incredulous times.

With immense gratitude to our school community, I thank you all for your support throughout the semester. We have welcomed many new families to our campus. Although it is not the usual community atmosphere that has generally prevailed, we have been relieved to have been able to involve parents more actively this term.

I am taking a small amount of leave these last few days of the term, so my best wishes to you all for a terrific conclusion to the semester. May you all get the opportunity to spread your wings!

Take care and stay safe,

Head of Penbank Campus