The 2021 End of Year Letter Home

With great excitement, we have reached the end of the year on a very high note!

This last week of the term, it has been a pleasure to welcome our community to our most important end of year events that include our Year 6 Graduation, the Penbank presentation of CREATE, yet again another movie, the final School Meeting for the year and Christmas celebrations for our Early Learning children.

It has been another incredible year that was again unexpected. I wish to wholeheartedly acknowledge our staff who have conscientiously contributed to the children’s education this year. It has been a fantastic team effort; classroom teachers, leaders, specialists, admin and property teams – all working together to make the education at Penbank a most rewarding and growing experience. Thank you as parents and the extended family for your patience and support throughout the year. Importantly, your children have continued their learning and are progressing exceptionally well.

Across the year, the changes and adjustments we have continued to confront have been extraordinary. Yet, I feel we have all done our best, especially our Year 6 students who celebrated the completion of their Penbank education.

Year 6 is a time when so much comes together. A time for making adventurous leaps and taking significant steps towards independence. It is a time where we expect our students to raise the bar and take the lead. Although some experiences have not occurred for these students, we were delighted to participate in the Canberra Camp earlier this year, which is quite a feature of the Year 6 experience. Other experiences also influenced their thinking and developed the skills that have enabled them to achieve the milestones that we expect of our Year 6 students.

We have seen these children grow from little ones to pre-teens. Over time, they have developed strong friendships and have grown in maturity and determination. They have learnt what it means to lead, learn, take responsibility and care. They move onto the Senior Campus having special memories of camps and school experiences that have provided opportunities to inspire future dreams.

Woodleigh is a unique school, and Penbank is a gorgeous campus that we appreciate more and more. We strive to enable our students to develop as compassionate and thoughtful young people in everything we do. Over time, we see children develop independence and resilience as they learn and find ways that lead to personal success. We expect to see our students making a positive contribution to their communities, not only at school but beyond. And they do. We encourage them to follow their passions and grow in a culture of respect and inclusion. All students are now ready for the next step up!

It is with gratitude that I acknowledge you all. I am incredibly grateful to the staff who have so professionally and generously adapted to the challenges that we face as a society in this world of today. Leading the school in these current circumstances has certainly changed leadership, which has become even more demanding. I am grateful to our students, who have been expected to adapt to the flip-flopping and rule changes moving in and out from home to school. And finally, I am grateful to you, our community. You have all shown enormous understanding, and on behalf of the Penbank team, I thank you.

It is now time to enjoy a well-earned rest. Take time, take it easy and take care of all who are around you.

To our friends and families across the country, do make the most of the festivities of the Christmas season and the incoming New Year where ever you may be and whoever you are with – may it be a time of peace and joy.

Deputy Principal – Head of Penbank Campus