Letter Home

It has been a delight seeing all children return to Penbank across this last couple of weeks. Greeted with lots of smiles and beautiful ‘hellos’, it has been an absolute pleasure to welcome the children back to school to enjoy the remainder of Term 4.

We have returned to school with a focus on the importance of routines for our children. With all students returning to school on Wednesday, we will be reinstating the onsite start and finishing times, timetables, school and home systems, including diaries and reading.

Students are presently immersing themselves in the wonders of the PYP Unit of Inquiry, How We Express Ourselves. It will be terrific to see children returning to actively collaborating and learning with each other throughout the day. This UOI is always such a hands-on and imaginative experience. Including diverse focuses, children are engaging with this unit from a variety of viewpoints. Expressing ourselves through literature, the Arts, as investigators and scientists or by being in the environment are just a few of the many perspectives we tell ourselves.

Our CREATE Program, focusing on the Arts, will culminate in a movie of the children’s involvement in the Visual and Performance Arts. Featuring children from Prep to Year 6, you will see how they express themselves through drama, dance, scriptwriting and the visual arts, including set design and movie making. More news to come shortly about CREATE.

Back to School Logistics

Patience at Pick-up

We expect drop-off and pick-up to be busy and appreciate your patience when dropping off or collecting your children. We respectfully remind parents to drive cautiously and remain inside vehicles as much as possible. At Penbank, we will return to the staggered finishing times:

  • Early Learning – 3.00 pm
  • Prep to Year 2 – 3.30 pm
  • Year 3 to 6 – 3.40 pm

I ask that parents /carers arrive at or just after the above times to allow traffic to flow smoothly. Lindsey and Marc will assist with traffic management to support a steady flow of traffic next week.

Woodleigh's Year 12s were able to celebrate their time at the school with a COVID friendly version of the Reflection Service – a special time to remember their time at our school.

Parents and Visitors onsite – mask and vaccination requirements

In line with current health advice and requirements, all visitors who are onsite for any reason other than morning drop off or afternoon collection must demonstrate they have been double vaccinated or be able to provide evidence of a lawful medical exemption. Parents and visitors to Penbank must check-in using the Services Victoria QR code, and Tessa or Tracey must cite your vaccination status. We will record that we have sighted your vaccination status for our records. No other details will be registered. Parents and visitors who cannot meet these requirements will not be allowed to be onsite or participate in organised activities or events.

Masks must be worn indoors by all adults (staff, parents, contractors, and visitors). Students from Year 3 to Year 6 must also wear masks while indoors.

We will be very keen to have parents involved in supporting reading programs and activities etc., as soon as possible—more information to come next week.

We appreciate your support of these requirements.

I do hope you are enjoying this long weekend.

Stay safe, take care. We look forward to having all students return next Wednesday. Yay!

VIVIENNE WEARNE Deputy Principal – Head of Penbank Campus