​Legally Blonde is AMAZING!

Musical theatre is playful. Often, musicals work with stereotypes or caricatures of parts of our society.

Legally Blonde confronts many social stereotypes. This does not mean that the stereotypes are being endorsed, in fact it is often the reverse – they are being held up as a mirror reflecting aspects of society’s narrower attitudes so that the audience can reflect on their own preconceptions. As much fun as Legally Blonde is, the show also confronts some outdated patriarchal themes. The musical even portrays some characters whose thoughts and behaviour go against modern values, such as the “#MeToo” movement. Ultimately, Elle is successful because she is kind, considerate of others, a strong leader and intelligent. This is a Woodleigh kind of story! 

After countless hours of rehearsals... all the work on perfecting dance steps, vocals, jokes and sight gags. All the little fixes, picking up missed lines and getting that timing just right... ALL THAT WORK... has well and truly paid off!

Congratulations to the cast, crew, band and staff on a fun and hilarious production!