​La Gastronomie française. Year 9 French

For our second MYP Unit, both Year 9 French classes have been exploring 'La Gastronomie française.'

The Statement of Inquiry was that

"Les pratiques culinaires d’un pays reflètent son contexte géographique, sa culture et son identité."

(The culinary practise of a country reflects their geographical context, culture and identity.)

Students initially read a text about the ten most 'must-try' foods if they went to France and answered some questions about this text to show their understanding and to learn some language models to produce their own work. (10 Aliments Français Incontournables.)

Click image to view pdf of presentation
Click image to view pdf of presentation

Students were asked to prepare a PowerPoint presentation about the "10 Must-Try Australian foods" – all in French.

These presentations were all presented to their class peers, and everyone kept a record of what each student deemed the most important “must-try” Australian Food. All students also completed a Poll in order to predict the outcome of the food they had all chosen.

On the whole, their predictions were mostly wrong. When we did a tally of what the students had presented, their predictions were way off.

In terms of real-world learning, this was a great experience – our students explored their own cultural norms and were able to shed some light on cultural differences regarding food choices between France and Australia.

Well done Year 9 French!

AILSA STUART French Teacher