Katherine’s Performance Platform!

The creative arts are vital to our lives because they allow us to express ourselves, make sense of the world around us, and connect us with different stories. Throughout isolation, human creativity has never been more evident. The sock munching puppets, dancing health workers, the comedic word, and music concerts from living rooms show the arts connect us all. It is in unprecedented times that creative minds find a way to shine. Creative and flexible thinking and the ability to imagine is encouraged through artistic study. Creativity and flexible thinking are valuable assets needed throughout the world as individuals and organisations reimagine their future paths.

As our Continuous Learning Plan draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on all the work the children and families have created over the term. Through the wonders of the digital world, I have had the privilege of being invited into your homes to see families dancing together and parents taking on roles in their children’s advertisements. Students have explored different characters and emotions with their sock puppets, and various children have built their confidence in front of the camera.

To our beautiful students, thank you for continuing to share your creative ideas, taking me on wild adventures, producing quality podcasts, and dancing with me to start your days. Dance and drama certainly aren’t the same through Zoom, but you gave it a red-hot go, and I couldn’t be more proud.

To our supportive parents, thank you for allowing mattresses and pot plants to be enlisted as props, giving up precious socks to become beloved sock puppets, and developing your movie editing skills to support your child’s creative development. Many of you will have heard me reminding the children to clean up after themselves. I cross my fingers and hope that your homes were not left in a mess.

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Josh I. Y6

Wizarding World News Podcast

Charlotte B. Y3

Popcorn Roleplay

Ruby D. Y4 

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Harper L. Y5

Many thanks,

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