Join us for Year 5, 2019

Year 5 is an exciting time join us at Woodleigh School. With a second stream of students starting at our Minimbah and Penbank campuses, classes move into the Year 5/6 Homesteads with new zeal and energy for learning.

On the outside, our Homesteads are beautifully designed buildings; purpose built, collaborative learning spaces. But the heart of Homestead is community. A community of students who are empowered to step up, to lead by example and thrive in their development as confident, insightful, and compassionate young people.

We express our trust and confidence in students through the responsibilities we give them. Year 5 and 6 students are guided and encouraged to develop skills that allow them to monitor, manage and direct their own learning. Students engage in a diverse program of activities designed to educate them about the world in which they live and how they can make a positive contribution to their community.

At Woodleigh, students discover and follow passions, grow in a culture of mutual respect, cultural freedom and inclusion.

And they have fun along the way! From Canberra to Beswick in the NT, Wilsons Prom to Sweetwater Creek, Woodleigh students enjoy all the benefits of exploring in nature together, embedding friendships and taking time out to reflect on and appreciate the little things.

Woodleigh students come together for cross-campus activities; whole-school musicales, cultural days, festivals, sports, excursions, peer-teaching activities and lessons spent in the Wildlife Reserve. Students get to know their way around each campus, meet other teachers, experience the environment at the Senior Campus, and ignite their excitement for the years of learning that lie ahead.

By the time students arrive for their first day of Year 7, they are confident and comfortable. With a smooth transition and academic continuity, they are ready to hit the ground running.

To join us for Year 5 in 2019, or for more information about our programs, please contact our Enrolments Team on 5971 6100 or