Innovative Technologies with Mandy McCracken

There are motivational speakers, and then there's Mandy McCracken.

A simple bug resulted in the sepsis that took Mandy's limbs. Waking from a coma as a quadruple amputee, it would have been understandable had she fallen in a heap. But she chose a different mindset.
"I decided to laugh my way through. I named each thing that I had attached to me. My tracheotomy was Trevor, my bed, Harley because it had wheels, and down the track, I named my arms Alana and Alan after my prosthetists. My new legs are Stan Ding and Neil Ling."
Mandy visited our Penbank Year 3 and 4 students last week to talk with them about how innovations in technology change the way people live, her own experience, her zest for life, and why mindset is an important part of how we live our lives.
Thank you, Mandy, for sharing your stories with us and for sharing Alana and Alan too.

We're proud to be Friends of Mandy.