Kepada keluarga Penbank yang baik,

During Semester 1, the junior and middle school LOTE faculty have been working hard at implementing a consistent approach to delivering lessons primarily based on the E5 model of learning; engage, explore, explain, elaborate/extend and evaluate. The E5 model enables students to discover their own connections and links to curriculum content and complements the PYP and MYP model of the International Baccalaureate. It has been great to watch students work with a variety of resources and become more confident with each class.

At Penbank, we have focused on singing and songs to improve pronunciation and intonation whilst also incidentally consolidating basic grammar. We finished off the term with an introductory incursion using the Angklung (Javanese bamboo instrument). All students enjoyed the day and I hope to use our set of Angklungs across the school more regularly next semester.

Sekian dulu,

Salam hangat,

Bu Prue