In the navy: work experience reflection

In week seven I went to HMAS Cerberus to participate in work experience with the Navy. The program went on for 4 days. Along with 15 other students varying in age from 15 to 17, we experienced many things all around the base.

Each day we got to visit a different building on base and talk to the instructors and people who work there. They explained all about their jobs, experiences, and told stories about their time served in the navy. The jobs we heard about varied from engineers and marine technicians, to officers and recruit instructors. To finish off the week we got to visit the recruit school and the 4 S’s school (SSSS), where we learned how to put out fires on a boat with extinguishers and fire hoses and then went into a flood simulator building. We also participated in various sport sessions that included swimming, obstacle courses, and rock climbing. This work experience week helped me clarify whether or not I want to pursue a job in the navy and helped me to decide which jobs I would consider having.

Year 9