How we role in Year 3

I am incredibly impressed by this Year 3 group's ability to pivot, bend and remain positive to ensure the learning continues in this winter term.

Upcoming dates:

Inquiry – Who We Are

The students enjoyed our Unit of Inquiry - Who We Are as they learned about positive role models, how to influence others and how they can be positive role models too. At the start of the unit, the students identified role models who were pop stars and YouTubers. At this point, those famous people still rate very highly, but the students have expanded their list to include some famous names including Mahatma Ghandi, Julia Gillard, Nikola Tesla, and many more. They have also identified some local heroes that include family members, coaches and school staff.

The exciting part is that the students discovered they can be role models too! It gets real as the students step into leadership roles and take action by seeking to continuously improve our approach to sustainability across the school. In an ongoing manner, the students will be managing the bins, collecting soft plastics, recycling old stationery, reusing materials, and running the compost systems. A key aspect will be collaborating with the Year 4s to show the younger and older students how to support their initiative.

I have heard that the students once again represented themselves incredibly well at assembly: no easy feat when your teacher is in isolation! It would not have been unusual to completely cancel given the circumstances, given there were also so many students in isolation leading up to the assembly! I am terribly proud of the students for having the bravery and enthusiasm to perform and make it all come together. Thank you also to Mr Clapham, for helping to make it happen on the day!


Unit of Inquiry:

How The World Works - (One of the six trans-disciplinary themes that we use to structure Inquiry each year)

Learner profile attributes/dispositions:

Balanced, Caring

Central Idea:

Systems within the human body support it to function effectively

Lines of inquiry:

An inquiry into…

What the human body needs to function

How systems in the human body work

How we can support our body systems to function effectively

We will now start preparing for our next unit about the Human Body which will include some provocations before camp and then continue into the start of Term 4.


The Year 3 students are beyond excited about Production and have been rehearsing their parts in preparation for their big performances. I am impressed with students who have joined in after absences and worked hard to learn the lyrics and routines.

Please see below for newly released details about make-up.

Year 3 Teacher