Y5 & 6 Homestead Update

Can you believe that it is already the end of the year? How time flies! It must be because of how much fun we are having. It has been an excellent end to the year between reconnecting with all of the children and seeing them express themselves through their artistic creations or joining together to celebrate the year. The students have certainly embraced the independence, responsibility and maturity that we would expect as they begin to transition to being the school's leaders. They had the opportunity to meet their new groups and spend some time with their new class teacher as they prepared for Year 6.

Our inquiry focus, 'How We Express Ourselves', has been a terrific opportunity to link the student's creative style to external artists and experience different materials and art forms. Our arts-based provocations gave the children immersion into various artists and styles before narrowing their focus too deeply exploring an artist or technique and completing a research project. Concluding with a gallery exhibition where the children shared their work and experienced what it is like to be an artist, explaining the meaning behind their pieces, their inspiration and how it expresses either a message or something about themselves. The children have grown and discovered more about themselves through this unit.

Our CREATE program was complimentary to our unit of inquiry and gave the children an opportunity to express themselves through the performing arts, needing to come up with and act out several scenes to create an atmosphere of a living, breathing urban environment. There were opportunities for every child to make their mark between skateboarding, climate change protests, street art, and a colour fun run. Our finale night was one to be remembered, and it was terrific to finally bring the school community together to celebrate all of the children's hard work this term. We hope you enjoyed the spectacle!

Speaking of spectacles, the Year 5 students were an essential part of this year's Perberkong night at the senior campus. Perberkong is the indigenous word for celebrate, and that's just what we did! We celebrated through song and through sharing stories. Matt and Katherine's Groups recreated Aunty Fay and Sue Lawson's book, Respect. It was a beautiful night, and the children did a magnificent job of bringing the story to life through symbolism, actions and words. They can all feel very proud of their efforts, and we hope you enjoyed the show.

We would like to thank you all for your support, kindness and understanding in what has been a very different year. Despite all the challenges, the children have always risen to the occasion and showed incredible resilience. We are so glad to have had a continuous run since returning to the classroom this term and are grateful that we have been able to run all of the end of year events and celebrations as the children have well and truly deserved it. We wish you a happy and safe holiday and look forward to seeing what your children can achieve next year as school leaders!

Year 5 Teachers

The Y6 Homestead has been a hive of activity towards the end of Term 4. With so many exciting things happening, there has been a real buzz in the air.

Create has been full steam ahead with the donning of costumes and filming scenes around the school. The scenes have ranged from protest marches to day spa scenes and the beach scene off the Mornington Pier. The groups have had a lot of fun during this process.

We farewell our Year 6 group after yet another exciting and interrupted year. We are very proud that they again rose to the challenge of remote learning and then returned to campus with positivity and resilience. They have been transitioning over the last few weeks and getting ready to spread their wings and move on to secondary education.

Meanwhile, we welcome the Year 6 group for 2022. We enjoyed an introductory session, and we are looking forward to a fun-filled year.

There will be a lot of new faces next year in Year 5, and it is lovely to see that new students and families have been able to visit the school.

Year 6 Teachers