Homestead 4 Camp – Barwon Heads

My favourite things that happened on camp were making bruschetta and rice paper rolls with my group Persephone and Charlotte. I also loved surfing, although I was hit four times, twice in the head, once in the arm and once in the leg. Finally, I enjoyed riding the ferry back home too.


Izy and I enjoyed camp because the Year 8s told us jokes and made us laugh. I also really liked the activities we got to do, we enjoyed this camp. We think the best part of camp was the bus rides, yelling and telling jokes all around the bus.

Asher and Izy

My favourite thing about camp was making food. We made spaghetti, nachos, and pancakes with chocolate chips. I also enjoyed the surfing. I preferred the second swell because the waves were bigger.


Kayaks drifted throughout the bottomless river, voidless silence filled the students' heads, nothing but river followed, until war broke out within the waves. A slight splash erupted from Noah's paddle into the enemy kayak, directly sending them into a damp tree.


Camp was the best! It taught me how to be independent and put up a tent. I enjoyed surfing and canoeing and exploring Barwon Heads. The best memory of camp was making our own dinner on the first night, learning to cook with a Trangia and being food safe was surprisingly fun. Getting to know the Year 7s and 8s in my Homestead was helpful.

Moriah and Juliette

This year on 7/8 camp, I really enjoyed the bus ride. Being able to socialise with the Year 8s, making connections and being able to be ourselves. I tried many new things such as surfing, going for night walks and eating brownies that some of the kids had made. Our tent was a bit chaotic, but we found a way to deal with it. Overall, I really enjoyed the new experiences, and I can't wait for next year.