Homestead 1 Camp Waratah Bay

​We stand and stare at the pile of bags in confusion; surely, we didn’t pack this much between us. The air hangs heavy, and it feels as though it might rain at any moment; we are going to need to get these tents up fast if we have any chance of avoiding it.

Then the realisation hits us, our tents are underneath our other bags, banding together as a team, we haul each other’s luggage off the top of the pile and drag our tents to the positions we had agreed upon so that we would be next to one another.

We look around and see many different tents, small tents, massive tents, pop-up tents, normal tents, and … a tepee? It’s a sea of temporary dwellings.

After a group effort to pitch our three tents in a makeshift village, we drag our sleeping mats in and set our chairs up in a circle. Our home for the week is buzzing with anticipation and ringing with laughter. Was all this effort worth it? Absolutely.

Lily Clark and Allegra Moloney Y8

Our Camp Experience

Our first camp was incredible. From surfing glistening waves to cooking up a storm, Camp inspired our creativity and sparked our passions. We spent a huge chunk of our time in the rotunda, connecting with other Year 7s and meeting the Year 8s!

We got to know everyone way better. Laughter was constantly erupting inside the rotunda, not to mention constant chaos, craziness, and mayhem. Even though the adventure was awesome, chilling in our tents and spending quality time together made us feel safe and at home.

Annabel Matthews, Cedar Alves-Geisler and Amy Giacomo Y7