Hive Update

Despite the continued lockdown and restrictions, we have had a fantastic start to Term 4.

We are very proud of the children's resilience, enthusiasm, and love of learning as they access the Continuous Learning Program. We recognise that this has been a difficult time for all our families and are grateful that we have provided opportunities to stay connected and continue learning together.

We want to express our gratitude to the families who have been at home supporting their children's learning.

You have our complete gratitude, respect, and admiration! Thank you for working in partnership with us in the most challenging of circumstances!

We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and hopefully, we will all be back together soon.

How We Express Ourselves

This term, we have introduced a new Unit of Inquiry to our program entitled "How We Express Ourselves." This unit provides endless opportunities for the children to explore their creativity and communication skills. Whether they are learning from home or accessing the program onsite, we will be engaging the children in a wide range of experiences that encourage them to explore their interests using the "100 Languages of Children." (Loris Malaguzzi, Reggio Children)

"Imagine believing that children have the ability to express themselves in more than one way. Now times that by 100! Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of the Reggio Approach, describes the "infinite ways that children can express, explore, and connect their thoughts, feelings and imaginings." (Children’s First School, 2006)

"These languages (the Hundred Languages of Children) are symbolic and are open to the endless potentials in children. They believe in the potential of a child's ability to wonder. It is the belief that there are "multiple ways of seeing and multiple ways of being." (Reggio Children, 2011)

"We explore and make sense of our world through the narratives we create."

An inquiry into:

  • Physical movement as a means of expression – this will include opportunities to explore dance, yoga, performance, and shadow play
  • Exploration of materials as a means of expression and communication – in addition to the visual arts, we will be incorporating opportunities for the children to express themselves through play using a range of materials, including blocks, loose parts, and natural materials
  • How I express myself through verbal language and mark-making – our inquiries will include opportunities for the children to explore storytelling with puppets, sand drawing, props, letter writing, and bookmaking

Our approach to wellbeing in The Hive incorporates physical and emotional aspects and is embedded throughout our program. We know it is central to all children's feelings of belonging, being, and becoming.

All educators contribute to supporting the children to develop a strong sense of wellbeing by planning and explicitly teaching emotions, gratitude, self-regulation, and Woodleigh's three Rs. Respect for Self, Others, and The Environment. Through these activities, the children develop a deep understanding of wellbeing and respect that it looks different for everyone.

During this lockdown, it has been more critical than ever for us to support the children to sustain a strong sense of belonging and connection.

Whether they are learning at home or joining educators onsite, our focus has been on providing the time and opportunity to connect with the educators and each other daily. Each day, gathering to check-in is essential and allows the children to trust, feel connected, and be confident in themselves. Over the past few months, daily affirmations and mindfulness activities have allowed us to build a culture of positivity, safety, and optimism during these very challenging times.

Morning meeting notes –

What are you grateful for today?

"I'm so grateful for my family," Huxley

"I love my family so much," Stevie

"I'm grateful for my friends," Pearl

"Nature, we need it to live, you know," Austin

"My jumper," Jake

"My toys," Daisy

"My teddies," Flynn

"Animals" Griffin

"That everyone takes care of stuff here," Ezra

"The bupbups" (children) Henni

"Bunjil and Waa" Isaac

"Our tree of love" (everyone we are connected to in our community) Maisy

"My body," Indiana

"I love the farm," Rose

"I went to the snow once, and I loved it," Lewis

"Rainbows" Gemma

"The barney" (water) Harry

"Feeling good," Rose

We hope you enjoy this video of the children explaining what mindfulness means to them. We make time to look after our wellbeing each day, using various techniques, and the children were excited to share their responses and celebrate our differences by creating a video.

The children's resilience and growing confidence have shone as we continue to navigate the "Corona-coaster." We have noticed them showing their learning potential, sense of agency, and ability to self-regulate while responding to others. These life skills get put into practice within our program daily to persevere when faced with uncertain situations, unfamiliar challenges, or learning, creating an opportunity for success and achievement. The children have been observed using their 'flexible brains,' senses, zones of regulation, and knowledge of wellbeing across all learning areas.

"It's like Pete the Cat. He doesn't cry," Gemma

"You can just try again," Remi

"Go get the glitter jar to calm down," Willow Shirl

"I want to go in here" (the calm down triangle) Bond

"Rainbow breaths are good when you are angry," Indiana

"Sometimes I like to be alone," Henni

"Can we rest outside today?" Pearl

"This is a beautiful tree to look at," Huxley

"That boy is scared" (explicit teaching of emotions) Zoe

"I sometimes run to mum when I'm scared."

"Fast heart" (when scared) Jake

"I get a funny tummy when I'm scared," Willow Shirl

"If a friend is sad, you can say, are you ok?" Pearl

"The blue zone is when you are sick," Lewis

"I'm in the green zone today," Flynn

"The yellow is when your silly," Henni

"Your face might look funny," Huxley

"You can feel all the colors together," Pearl

"That's when you need space," Ezra

"That's how you get back to the green zone. I take big breathes" Huxley

"And I close my eyes too," Isaac

"That's taking care of yourself," Lewis (connecting with the three Rs)

"It's when you feel calm", Zoe

"Tears when your sad" Bond

"That's the blue zone," Gemma