Highlights of Term 3 at Senior Campus

Y7 French

Our fantastic group of Year 7 French students went to the Zoom classes, offered ideas and answers, and willingly completed online collective tasks, each yelling out the answers. Kahoots are a veritable competition, but they often ran out of time in their 40 minutes to find out who was the winner.

Y8 Science

Year 8 Science student, Danny A, wrote this essay on replacing beef with an algae-based diet.

Danny's essay was developed after a term of work that included visiting the calves reared on the Woodleigh farm, hearing from a local Gippsland farmer, and considering broader perspectives about the impacts of agricultural food production. His essay is very well-researched and constructed.

Tournament of Minds

"Over the past few weeks, I have been fortunate enough to take part in the Tournament of Minds. The Tournament of Minds is an extremely challenging academic competition, and this year our year 9 group chose STEM. We were given a difficult problem, and it was up to us to come up with a creative yet somewhat realistic answer. We were tasked to create and analyse coded objects which give information to other life forms regarding the earth, through utilising our senses. On top of that, we were tasked with calculating the trajectory for the launch of the objects to be sent into space. Once we completed the tasks, we had to perform a presentation that best explained the solutions we had come up with. Overall, it was an amazing learning experience, and I would recommend the Tournament of Minds to anyone who wants to challenge themselves."

Imogen T.

Students involved were: Ronan C, Lenny L, Pat S, Braeden V, James L, Imogen T and T.

Y10 Physics

Our Y10 Physics class constructing a basic Electromagnet.

They used packs from school to investigate electromagnetic induction and field strength by comparing the number of paper clips held by 20 loops, 40 loops, and the entire wire.

Y10 English

The Year 10 English students analysed the 2019 documentary The Australian Dream and Jane Harrison's seminal play Stolen. These are confronting texts; they ask us to explore our nation's recent history and what exists within our hearts. To help with our understanding, empathy and expression, we asked our classes to produce artworks that attempted to capture what has resonated with them, with a particular emphasis on our core thematic ideas of courage, identity, belonging and truth-telling.

Their responses are remarkable!

Y12 Biology

Our Year 12 Biology, students studied a large proportion of Unit 4 Area of Study 1 from home, and so the summative assessment also fell during the CLP. This AOS focuses on many concepts related to evolution. So students were tasked with watching a brief documentary looking at "Deception in the Rainforest" and applying their understanding to these previously unfamiliar real-world examples in response to the prompt: Using examples from the video, suggest why so many species have turned to "deception" as a means of survival. This is a very high scoring essay written by Tom L, which exemplifies what students can achieve, despite the challenges of online learning, dedicate themselves to preparing for their VCE assessments.

VCE Business Management

VCE Business Management classes began their final Unit 4, Area of Study 2 (AOS2) in Week 7, which is based on implementing change in businesses. The students focused on leadership in change management, by analysing leadership skills and style of Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc.

An example from one of the classes, outlining what makes a good leader.

Well done to all the classes on your perseverance, tenacity and hard work in getting through this subject during lockdown. You should all be so proud of yourselves!