Help with Zoom

With the roll out Zoom for our live lessons, and with the understanding that parents are often the front-line IT support person for their students, we wanted to provide all families with access to support material. Parents can now find a range of guides and resources via the Learning Platforms page on our Continuous Learning site -

Zoom also provides a range of support material at the Zoom Help Centre.  Here you can learn about Getting Started on a MacJoining a Meeting and testing Audio devices, along with much more. Zoom also has many tutorial videos that cover various types of topics,  Zoom Video Tutorials along with a FAQs section

Some student have encountered issues with permission settings on MacBooks, which restrict access to the microphone or camera. We have produced a short video explaining how these operate.

If you do need to reload Zoom on your child’s machine, we do suggest that you make use of our inbuilt ‘Self Service’ on the Mac or iPad, rather than downloading it from the web, as some web versions have known bugs. Self Service is a program that is loaded on to each MacBook or iPad. You can find it by doing a simple search for ‘Self Service’ on the device, then opening it and searching for Zoom. By clicking install or reinstall, Zoom will be reloaded onto the device. Finally, as always, we are committed to continuing support during this time, so please reach out to the school if you need further assistance.

Director of Digital Technologies