Happy holidays from Year 3

Dear families,

Term 4 has whizzed past at such an incredible pace; it seems like we were just departing for camp and now it is the end of the school year.

Please note that the SeeSaw accounts of the students will soon be archived. Now is a great time to download a PDF version of their content if you would like a keepsake of their content.

Team Athletics

The Year 3s approached the Team Athletics Day with unwavering focus. After designing their intense training routines and getting dressed in their team colours, they left no doubt they were there to win. It was fantastic to see the Year 3s recognise their place as the older students and role models of behaviour. I saw some wonderful encouragement and leadership by this cohort.

End of Term

I feel I have become a bit of a broken record as I repeatedly recount how proud I am of the Year 3s and their growth this year. It has been across all facets, personal, social, and academic that I have seen these kids evolve. In a year with many highlights including assemblies, inquiries, a whole-school production, and camp, it will be the everyday interactions I will warmly remember. It was an absolute privilege to be given the chance to teach these incredible young people and I am thrilled I will continue to connect with them as part of the Year 3/4 team.

I wish you and your family a safe and happy school holiday, and I hope you enjoy connecting with loved ones over the holiday season.

Year 3 Teacher