Happy holidays from the Hive

It’s hard to believe this is our final messenger for 2022! As the year draws to a close, it’s amazing to reflect on the children’s journey and the distance travelled. As educators, we have observed the children become confident, increasingly independent, and enthusiastic learners who have a strong sense of who they are the community they belong to.

The Hive are an incredible group of Bubups (children) with a strong bond that has developed throughout the year. We have seen their love, compassion and empathy grow, building a strong sense of community.

Thank you to our families for contributing to the children’s learning throughout the year. We have enjoyed sharing in family news such as new babies, birthdays, holidays, stays at grandparents, cooking, cultural celebrations, family traditions and countless special moments! Most of all thank you for sharing your most precious gift, your beautiful children.

I extend a personal thank you to Lisa, Milly, Heather and our relief staff Cathy and Felicity for their extraordinary work and support this year. We recognise that our collaborative approach is integral to the strong relationships we form with the children and families. Each of our team members amazes me with their knowledge, understanding of the children, flexibility, and professionalism. I have so much gratitude for the incredible educators who I work and learn with each day. Their passion for education is infectious and inspiring.

Celebrations, Stories, and How We Express Ourselves

In Germany, a host of customs are celebrated at this time of the year. As part of our unit of inquiry How We Express ourselves we watched the St Martin story about a Roman soldier who shared his coat with a beggar. Through reflective conversations the children discovered the value kindness and sharing what we have being the main morals of the story. To celebrate the tradition of St Martin’s Day, we made our own lanterns. Our Christmas celebration was a wonderful way for us to showcase the children’s interest and connection to this story, the characters, and the different ways we can express ourselves. Every child in the class contributed to the development and planning of our Christmas Concert. They named their celebration, explored ways to represent kindness, and share things they learned from the story, including costumes, props, and songs.

Lantern procession

The children became so excited about their lanterns, we delved a bit deeper by viewing images, videos, and stories of the iconic tradition in Germany. Each year on November 11, the children make their own lanterns and head out in the street after the sun sets.

“Look a baby with a lantern” (Noah)

The images showed young and old people coming together in their town, singing songs, and carrying colourful lanterns.

“Rainbow colours.” (Zahli)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

The Hive has been buzzing with activity as the children have engaged enthusiastically with a range of creative, open-ended craft activities for Christmas. They have worked hard creating decorations and pictures for their families. It has taken persistence, creative thinking, reflection, and fine motor skill to achieve beautiful pieces they are proud of. We hope these little mementos of your child’s year become a treasured part of your Christmas traditions and bring you many happy memories in the years to come!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful, and relaxing holiday! Thank you for a fabulous year!