Happy Holidays and Thank you

​Wishing all our Minimbah Families a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. To our families and students leaving us at the end of this year, we wish you well and thank you for being part of the Minimbah and wider Woodleigh Community. To our graduating Year 6 students, best wishes also for the next stage in your schooling journey; secondary school awaits and many more wonderful adventures.

Final assembly will take place from 2.00pm on Friday 6 December, followed by the traditional pool jump by our Year 6 students. Term 4 for Foundation to Year 6 students will conclude at 3.20pm. I look forward to seeing many of you at assembly on Friday. It’s back to school next year, on Friday 31 January, but for now, it’s thank you for your support throughout 2019. 

Farewell Mr Walter

We farewelled Mr Walter recently at our creek as he spent one last assembly with us. Gifts were given to guide him and support the next phase of his leadership journey. Best wishes Mr Walter!

Perberkoong 2019

What a beautiful evening we shared together recently at Perberkoong. All three campuses united to celebrate the end of the year and wish our Principal Mr Jonathan Walter farewell. Congratulations to all our participating students and staff!

Year 6 Dinner 2019

Now a traditional part of the end of year celebrations of the Year 6 students, their annual dinner was a huge success.  Supported by Year 6 parents, the Minimbah Hall was transformed into the venue for Minimbah’s Met Gala. The pictures tell the story, but a wonderful time was had by all. Special thanks to Mireille McKellar and Sue Barbuto (Year 6 Class Reps) and their team of willing helpers for organising the event.

Year 6 Graduation 2019

Last night, our Year 6 students attended their graduation in the Woodleigh Hall at our Senior Campus. This was a beautiful evening of reflections and music and a special event for Staff and Families to celebrate the achievements of the children. Congratulations once again to all our Year 6 students. Best wishes for the future!

My final request and reminder!

The expectation in 2020, with the exception of Year 6, will be, that all students wear the updated uniform. Please note this will include the white shirt, school jumper and school socks.  The black fleecy may only be worn with sports uniform. All children are also expected to be wearing black leather school shoes (not runners).

Rod Davies
Deputy Principal and Head of Minimbah Campus