Growing confidence in Foundation

What a busy first term we have had so far in Foundation! The past eight weeks have flown by, and the children have grown and learned so much. They are becoming very independent and confident at school now.


This term, our focus has been on developing number concepts and number sense. We have worked on the number sequence, one-to-one correspondence, cardinality, and subitizing. We have learned how to measure time using a visual schedule to organise our day and week. We will begin to explore the relationships that connect numbers using language such as more than, less than, and the same or equal next term. We will also explore shapes and learn to describe different shapes based on their properties.


The children are doing so well with the sounds during 'Read Write Inc' sessions. They are becoming competent at recognising and recalling the sounds we have learned, forming them correctly, and beginning to blend sounds to read words, or as we call it, 'Fred Talk.' We have played a game called 'Write My Word' in class where I 'sound out' a three-letter word with the letters we know so far, i.e., b-e-d, and the children write a sound at a time to make the word. Your child might like to play this at home with you. Many of the children have also loved making their own mini books at school either independently or with their Year 6 buddies. This has given them a chance to practice their letter formation and fine motor skills. Any opportunities that you can find at home for your child to write with an authentic purpose are really valuable. They could help you write a shopping list, a birthday card, or a note to a friend.

Unit of Inquiry

This term, we have focused on sharing our own identities and building relationships with others. We read a beautiful story called "Our Class is a Family" by Shannon Olsen, and we will be using this as part of our assembly next week. We have also worked on our essential agreements as a class. Thinking about how respecting ourselves and others looks, sounds, and feels. You might like to talk about what respect looks like as a family. How do you show respect to each other at home? Next term, we will begin a new unit of inquiry about living things.

Discovery Day

Thank you to our wonderful Discovery Volunteers this term. It has been fantastic to have your support. We will not go off-site for the final two weeks of the term. I will email a new google doc asking for volunteers at the start of next term. If you know a date that would suit you to volunteer, you can email me or add your name to the doc.

The first term of Foundation is always exhausting for both the children and families. Thank you so much for your support and partnership this term. We hope to see you on Thursday morning at 8.50 am in the Hall for our first Foundation Assembly.

Kind regards,

Foundation Educators