Gippsland Lakes Sailing Camp Reflection

A robust, untameable, surging, swell attacks the yacht. However, it remains infallible because of its precise, streamlined hull piecing through the choppy, treacherous, menacing water with help from the ever-powerful, relentless, inexorable wind. The only thing that proved stronger than Mother Nature was the willpower, determination, and courage that was intertwined and coursing within the optimistic crew assembled onboard. These traits formed a beautiful, advantageous culture that cultivated trust, love and a perfect ambiance for learning. The crew felt loved, happy, and safe every time they entered the vessel thus falling into a flow state where the crew became unconquerable, succeeding in all aspects within their memorable journey across the Gippsland Lakes. The almighty crew of the three vessels laughed and shared memories, gaining powerful skills that can be employed in our everyday life, to flourish and further expand our adventurous mindsets.

To quote Timmo Purdie, past Woodleigh student and adventurous risk taker, “Life is amazing!” This sentiment was stated readily and frequently, because there was nothing better than waking up with an awesome crew and heading down to a crystal clear, glistening ocean to create everlasting memories.

I would also like to thank the traditional owners of the Gippsland Lakes, the Gunaikurnai people, who would have sailed the lakes. We will continue to treat our land with respect and love, conserving its breathtaking beauty.

Year 12