Gen Z: Mind Shifters 2019 Round Square Conference at Woodleigh


I was lucky enough to be a Student Leader at the Gen Z: Mind Shifters 2019 Round Square Conference. I signed up when we were first told about the conference and have been helping to plan it ever since. I was really intrigued by the conference as I had never really heard about Round Square conferences, but I thought that the idea was so interesting and very different to anything that I have seen before.

The conference was a bit of a challenge, as I have never been in a leadership role but I really, really enjoyed it. At first it was a bit daunting, having to tell all of the students what to do and trying to control them but by the end I felt so much more confident and comfortable. My Baraza group was so enthusiastic and loved talking and getting involved with any games we played or any discussions that we had. It was really good as we learnt a lot about how different countries operate, how differently people interpret things, and about how different people’s opinions can be. All of the students that attended the conference were so open-minded and outgoing which made it much more enjoyable for everyone. The fact that everyone really embraced the experience and wanted to learn and participate in everything made the whole thing so worthwhile. 

We heard from such interesting key note speakers, and I really enjoyed all of the workshops that I participated in. Monash University’s Precious Plastics machine was really interesting to watch and I enjoyed getting to see how it operated. Another thing that I thought was really inclusive and that allowed people to open up while having fun, was the Making Music from Junk activity. We were able to all write a song together which I think all of the students really enjoyed, and by the end of the activity everyone felt really comfortable around each other. I think that each day you were able to take something away and learn something about the environment, yourself, or the people surrounding you. I am very glad and thankful that I had the opportunity to be a part of the conference. 

Raia Flinos
Year 10