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Year 12 VCAA Examinations

Year 12 examinations begin on Wednesday 30 October and will conclude on Wednesday 20 November. All students have been issued with a personal exam timetable and other examination information (including the VCAA Exams Navigator and via a rules briefing). Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions about the VCAA examinations. My very best wishes to all students who are sitting VCAA examinations over the next few weeks.


  • Due to Mid-term break NO BUSES will run on Monday 4 November
  • Due to Report Writing Day NO BUSES will run on Friday 8 November

This affects students doing the following exams:

On Monday 4 November: 

  • Further Mathematics Ex 2 @ 9am
  • Business Management @ 3pm 

On Friday 8 November: 

  • Specialist Mathematics Ex 1 @ 9am
  • Accounting @ 11.45am
  • Health and Human Development @3pm

Derived Exam Scores (DES)

This is the VCAA process which “compensates” students whose examination performance is severely impacted by illness or personal trauma arising at the time of their examinations. Students who fit this category should alert me ASAP so that I can assist them to apply for a Derived Examination Score. I will initiate (online) the application and the student will then be emailed a link where they lodge comments about the illness/personal trauma and also the medical or other supporting evidence. Sections of the (online) application MUST be completed and submitted by the student – schools are generally NOT permitted to do this on a student’s behalf.

If a student is ill (but able to attend the exam) they MUST consult a Doctor as close to the exam as possible (timely = from two days before to one day after the exam). The Doctor MUST complete an external evidence section of the Application Form.

Students who are too ill to sit an exam (this is a very RARE occurrence and the Doctor MUST provide specific written advice to stating that it is “against medical advice for the student to sit the exam”) must consult a Doctor on the day before, or the day of, the exam – VCAA urges all students to sit examinations unless it is against medical advice to do so.

Please contact me to discuss any health issues in the lead up to exams as I may be able to obtain Emergency Special Examination Arrangements which may assist the student to be able to complete the examination. The VCE Exams Navigator 2019 outlines the process (this was given to all students in late Term 3). Personal examination printouts list the closing dates (within 7 days of the date of your last exam) relevant for DES for individual students. Any student who has misplaced their timetable or brochure can download it here.

2019 Results

Results for all students who have studied at least one Unit 3 and 4 subject this year will be available via internet, mobile app, student email (VCE results only) and mail (from 7am) Thursday 12 December. (A detailed version of the following information is on the rear cover of the VCE Exams Navigator 2019 booklet.)

The free internet service is

Mobile app: A new mobile app is available 

Student email: All students were offered the opportunity to record an email address on their Student Details forms earlier this year. These addresses have recently been verified.

Mail: All results will be posted hardcopy and will start to arrive in mailboxes from Thursday 12 December.

VCAA is operating a Post Results and ATAR Enquiry Service (PRAS). Phone 9032 1717 or freecall 1800 653 080 or email from 7.00am-5.00pm on Thursday 12 December and then from 13–16 December.

All VCE students must be in the habit of regularly checking emails as this is the way that universities will be corresponding with you.

Change of Preference and December offers

VCAA and VTAC have made changes to the previous year’s arrangements with regards to results and offerings. 

  • Results will be released at 7am on Thursday 12 December.
  • Change of preference is open from release of results until 4pm on Saturday 14 December.
  • A first round of December offers will be released on Wednesday 18 December (not all courses will make offers at this time).
  • Change of preference is open again from today until 4pm on Friday 20 December.

These dates fall after teaching staff have finished for the year.

There will be limited staff onsite (Gina Bolch, Pak and I included) on the following dates/times to assist students with results and change of preference:

  • 12 & 13 December: 9.00am–4.00pm: We always endeavour to make phone contact with every Year 12 student on results release day; our aim is to check in and see if they would like any support. We ring mobiles multiple times, if needed, and leave phone and email messages if we cannot make contact.
  • 18 December: 9.00am–3.00pm: This is the first year that offers have been made in Victoria in December. We imagine that there will be very few students needing support on this day. Hopefully all students will have already followed through with suggestions from previous course counselling / change of preference meetings.

Year 11 Semester 2 Examinations

The Unit 2 examinations will be held from Friday 15 November – Friday 22 November. A letter which includes the examination timetable will be issued to students separately. Mr Bryn Bowen is in charge of running Year 11 exams.

VCE 2020 Orientation Program and Subject Changes

In Week 10 Term 3, we sent out 2020 Subject confirmations for VCE (2020) students. Hopefully, we will soon be in a position to send out subject confirmations to our Year 9-10 students (2020). We do have a number of electives not running and clashes do occur, so, as per the Subject Handbook, we have used reserve choices, where required, to make up full student programs. For the size of our school, we offer a huge variety of programs including running many small classes (under 15) that would simply not occur in other schools. Our process also starts from a position where we create a grid that best suits the greatest number of students. Students have the opportunity to make subject changes, within the constraints of class sizes and subject grids.

This process is all about empowering students, and so our first step is always to speak with the students involved. Students are then encouraged to start the dialogue at home and parents are welcome to be part of the discussion toward finding a solution.

During Week 8 (25–29 November) we are running the Year 11 and 12 (2020) Orientation program. This program is invaluable as it focuses students on preparation for their VCE studies the following year. Staff will begin to teach 2020 courses during this time. This is a COMPULSORY week-long program for all VCE students.

Please note:

  1. Although every effort will be made to ensure that staffing is correct for VCE classes during Orientation Week, staffing changes may still occur.
  2. Students who wish to change subjects during/after Orientation Week MUST do so in consultation with Gina Bolch/Deb Agar – changes will ONLY be able to occur within the timetable grid and where class sizes permit (and require signed parent permission).

Deb Agar
VCE Coordinator