From the VCE Coordinator

Second Round of Parent–Student–Teacher Interviews and VCE Assessments

Just a reminder that we have a second round of Parent–Student–Teacher Interviews coming up for all year levels over the latter part of Term 3.

The second round of Interviews will be held on:

  • Thursday 12 September 9.00am – 8.30pm
  • Tuesday 17 September 4.00pm – 8.30pm

Normal classes will NOT run on Thursday 12 September for Years 7-12 students.

However, concurrently to the full day of Interviews, we will be running some COMPULSORY SACs/Outcomes including a Year 12 English SAC, a Year 11 English Outcome and a Year 12 Specialist Math SAC. 

  • Year 12 English SAC 9.00am – 10.30am
  • Year 11 English Outcome 11.30am – 1.00 pm
  • Specialist Math SAC 1.00pm – 3.15pm

Open areas for Year 12 students to work:

  • PDT workshop open until 5pm Thursday
  • Drama Studio open until 4pm Thursday and 4-8pm on Tuesday
  • Senior Studio and A2 open until 4pm Thursday
  • French Oral practice arranged directly with students on Thursday

2020 Subject Selection

During Activities Week, the Timetable Committee have worked on generating blocks and looked at staffing needs for 2020. We were able to create a best fit grid that has catered for the requests of the vast majority of our VCE students (no Year 12s had issues and only a very small number of Year 11s needed to use reserves). We are now in the process of contacting those students/parents who need to reconsider their choices. Once this work is finalised, all students who will be in Years 9-12 in 2020 will be emailed a confirmation of subjects and will be given the opportunity to follow up concerns and/or make changes within the constraints of the 2020 Subject Grid.

VCE Attendance Requirements

All VCE studies at Woodleigh School have a minimum attendance requirement of 80%. This can ONLY be varied where a student is “approved” as absent.

Taken from our VCE Attendance Policy:

Due to the coursework requirements in all studies, it is imperative that students are in class to demonstrate the achievement of learning outcomes. We will be expecting that all VCE students attend at least 80% of scheduled classes.

The only exception to this rule is for students with ongoing chronic conditions or for legitimate, documented reasons (absence with medical certificate, school excursions, sport etc).

Please note that we do require medical certificates to be provided where students fall below the 80% minimum AND whenever a student misses a SAC/SAT due date.

VCE Examination Related Information

Year 12 Practice Exam Week

During Week 5 (Activities Week for Year 7-11 students), our Year 12 students all sat practice written examinations in each of their subjects. Staff will mark (and grade) these examinations as well as provide feedback on areas for improvement. 

Unit 3 and 4 studies all have End of Year written examinations - they commence on Wednesday 30 October (with English). All students have been issued with the VCAA Examination Dates and parents may wish to check this timetable here:

Students completing Oral and/or Performance Examinations have all been notified of the date/time and venue for these examinations.

Final English Practice Examination

On Monday 7 October (Term 4 Staff Work Day), we will be holding a final VCE English Practice Examination. It is compulsory for all students (who are sitting final examinations) to attend on this day. The examination begins at 9.00am and concludes at 12.15pm – they will be held in V6/7. Buses will run in the morning ONLY on this day.

Holiday help times for VCE Unit 3 and 4 studies

VCE students should not be planning too much ‘holidaying’ during the upcoming term break.  During the two-week term break it will be vital for VCE students to be spending a large proportion of their time on revision, completing past examination papers and timed practice examinations. All staff will be providing students with material to assist in their revision programs. Many staff will also be offering extra help in the lead up to the final examinations. I am in the process now of creating a timetable for the upcoming holiday break to advertise the full list of offerings. These sessions will include general help, subject-specific exam revision lectures, Practice Examination opportunities etc. Whilst these sessions are optional for students to attend, it would be great to see many students taking up this opportunity for extra help, especially as staff are volunteering their time and expertise.

VCE Special Provision

SEAS: Medical Conditions and difficult circumstances

All VCE families should be aware of the special consideration available to students diagnosed with illness or undergoing difficult circumstances. The options include Examination Special Arrangements (for illness, including mental health) and SEAS (Special Entry Access Schemes). It is important that issues that arise are discussed with me so I can advise the best possible course of action, and I can put supports in place where they are needed.

Many students will qualify to put in SEAS Applications – these are submitted online after a student has submitted their VTAC preferences – the closing date for applications with supporting evidence is Friday 11 October at 5pm.

Mrs Gina Bolch will raise SEAS with all Year 12s during their Careers appointment this term so that they understand the process and determine if they are eligible to apply. Many staff, including Pak, tutors, Pathways staff and myself are ready to provide the supporting statements that students need to provide as evidence for a Difficult Circumstances application. Applications on grounds of Medical Conditions must be supported by appropriate Medical Practitioners – it can take time to get these medical appointments/statements so please plan well in advance. 

To read more details about SEAS please go to:

Derived Examination Scores

Students who are ill or experience any severe adverse circumstances within 14 days of their written/oral or performance examinations may apply for a Derived Examination Score. Application forms are available from me. Students MUST be able to supply appropriate (medical) evidence to apply – this evidence must be provided at the time and cannot be backdated. These applications are processed directly by VCAA and MUST be made by students (I cannot make applications on a student’s behalf). Students have all been handed a brochure outlining this process called the VCE Exams Navigator 2019.

PLEASE contact me if you have any concerns at all around exam time and I will advise you on your options. For example, with serious illness or injury we may be able to apply for Emergency Examination Special Arrangements as well as making a DES Application. All students are advised to sit every examination unless it is against medical advice to do so. Note that the individual closing dates for all DES Applications are listed on the student personal exam timetable.

Contact with teaching staff

Parents are always welcome to make phone contact with me, or any other teachers that you may wish to speak with, via phone wherever possible. Emails sometimes end up in staff junk email boxes or are not seen early enough to be acted upon in a timely matter – so if the matter is urgent, or you wish to discuss something that is concerning you, please do make contact by phoning via Woodleigh Reception.

Deb Agar
VCE Coordinator / Head of Staffing