From the Principal

Dear Parents,

Congratulations on reaching the end of another very busy term at Woodleigh. Congratulations to the Woodleigh School Aerobics teams who competed in the National Aerosports Competition on the Gold Coast last week​. The Year 2 Minimbah team (Mae, Harper, Tilly and Eve) placed 3rd in the Level 3 Mini Group Competition and won the Personality, Performance and Perseverance Award. Our Year 6 Minimbah team (Lily, Amelie and Faith) placed 6th in the Level 3 Junior Trio Competition, and our Senior team (Pip, Lhamo, Charlotte and Meika) placed 4th in the Level 4 Intermediate Group Competition. Well done!

Last week there was a delightful collaboration between the Year 9/10 Outdoor Education students and the Year 1 and 2 students at Minimbah involved in the Nature Pedagogy program. It was great to see the way in which our younger students took so much joy in sharing their local environment with the Year 9s and 10s visiting from Senior Campus. Collaborations like this are what makes an ECC to Year 12 school so special. 

The focus this term in the Year 9 WEL (Wellbeing, Engagement and Learning) Program has been on exploring the nature of respectful relationships. This culminated in a workshop which was led by facilitators from SEED this week. Students continued to develop their understanding of a variety of gender issues, including how sexism and gender stereotyping plays out in the media, politics, pop culture and their own lives. The second stage of the workshop focused upon the importance of consent in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships. Students engaged with great maturity and insight as they identified the warning signs of unhealthy relationships, and reflected upon how to make relationship decisions and choices that are respectful of both themselves and others. These are conversations that we must continue to embed in our programs at school and at home.

I am very grateful to all the staff for their preparation and conversations with so many families throughout the Parent Student Teacher interview sessions over the last couple of weeks. It is really important to have the support of families and we appreciate the time that you invest to participate in these dialogues with your children to show your support of their learning.

We are now moving into the final few weeks of school for our Year 12 students and wish them well as they embark upon what will no doubt be an intensely focused final six weeks before their VCE examinations commence. As I was sitting with a number of students at lunch today, I was delighted to hear their commitment to making the most of the holiday period to consolidate their learning so that they are in the best place to share their knowledge and skills through the exams.

I take this opportunity to wish all families a wonderful spring break and will look forward to seeing many of you involved in Arts Week in Week 2 of next term, which is always a fabulous opportunity to celebrate the huge creative talent within our school. Opening Night is on Monday 14 October, all members of our community are invited to attend.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Walter Principal