From the Library

Over the last few years, students have been on and off-campus, moved from Junior to Senior Campus, and still borrowed books. Many have been returned. However, there are still many resources out on loan.

There are almost 1000 items on loan to students across all campuses, ranging from junior novels to laptop chargers. At an average replacement cost of $30 per item, this represents a high cost to the school if items are not returned and have to be replaced so that everyone in the community can access appropriate resources.

Over the Summer Break, please check your house for items with school stamps and stickers on them – you will find stamps on the edges and inside the covers and stickers on the spine and back cover. These items can be returned to each Campus Reception or Library. Any items not returned by the end of February 2022 will be charged to accounts for replacement.

Thank you for your assistance.

Head of Library Services