From the Head of Staffing and VCE Coordinator

The GAT for all students completing any VCE Unit 3/4 studies or scored VETiS programs in 2019

ALL students completing at least one Unit 3 and 4 VCE study MUST sit the GAT (General Achievement Test) on Wednesday 12 June. All students involved will receive a personalised printout outlining this examination expectation. Students with SEA (Special Examination Arrangements) will also receive a copy of their approved SEA over the next few weeks. The GAT begins at 10am and runs through until 1.15pm. Students sitting the GAT are excused from Lesson 1 classes. A shortened Lesson 4 will start at 1.50pm and Lesson 5 will run as normal.

NOTE: All VCE students completing at least one Unit 3 and 4 study MUST sit the GAT even if:

  • They’ve done the GAT before (for example, in 2018).
  • They are completing an unscored VCE (i.e. not sitting other subject examinations).

All students will soon be issued with a GAT brochure – this will explain the content, timing and exam rules in place for the GAT. Previous years' GATs are available online at the VCAA website – I also have many hardcopies of the 2018 GAT that I will offer to students when we hold our GAT Rules and Information briefing later this term.

It is in every student’s best interest to ensure that they:

  • Perform as well as possible on the GAT
  • Do not breach VCAA examination rules
  • Arrive on time and have the correct equipment with them (a blue/black pen, pencil, eraser, dictionary – NO thesaurus allowed)

The closing date for Special Examination Arrangements for known illnesses, learning difficulties etc. passed in March. We are still able to make applications for newly diagnosed conditions throughout the year, but otherwise we are expected to have met this deadline. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please contact me.

Emergency Examination Special Arrangements

Students who become ill or experience accident or personal trauma at the time of the GAT (or End of Year exams) may be eligible to apply for Emergency Special Examination Arrangements. Please make sure that all concerns are reported to me asap so I can advise you on the options available and note for you any documentation that you may need to obtain.

The VCAA recommends that you should attend every examination session you have scheduled unless this is against medical advice. Students absent without adequate reason will have the words “unauthorised absence from the GAT” on their VCE Certificate.

Note: Students with ongoing issues may also be eligible to complete a VTAC SEAS Application at the end of the year (further details about this when it opens).

Mid-year Examinations for Year 11 students

Year 11 Mid-year Examinations begin on Tuesday 4 June and conclude on Wednesday 12 June. Details about the Year 11 Examinations, including the examination timetable, will be issued soon. 

Year 11 students completing an unscored VCE should be planning now to complete Work Experience during Exam Week. These plans should be discussed with me, Mr Allsop or Mrs Bolch, and all paperwork completed at least two weeks prior to the examination period. Unscored students will receive a reminder about this via email.

Year 12 classes will be running as normal during Year 11 Exam Week. Year 11s doing a Year 12 subject MUST be in these classes unless they have a Year 11 examination at the same time as the Year 12 class.

Mr Bryn Bowen is in charge of administration of Year 11 examinations.

Mid-year Examinations for Year 10 students

The Year 10 mid-year examinations will be held concurrently with the Year 11 examination period from 4-7 June. A timetable for these examinations will be issued soon. Mr Bryn Bowen is in charge of administration of Year 10 examinations. 

Change of Subjects for Unit 2 

After the Year 11 examination period / the GAT, starting on Thursday 13 June we will commence VCE Unit 2 studies. There will be an opportunity for students to make changes to their Year 11 program in advance of this time. Any students who would like to enquire about changing their program should speak with Mrs Bolch or me as soon as possible.

Note that our school-based cut off date for Unit 1 and 3 subject changes passed some time ago now. As all VCE courses require a minimum of 50 hours teaching, there is no chance now to catch up on what has been missed. Of course, there may be good reasons why changes may need to be discussed. In this case, the VCAA dates which must be met are:

  • Monday 6 May* – final date to enrol or withdraw from Unit 3 and 4 sequences
  • Monday 22 July* – final date to withdraw from Unit 4
  • 11 November – final date to enrol or withdraw from Unit 1 and 2 studies

*Changes after these dates can occur on Compassionate Grounds.

SAC Absence Reminders

Just a reminder that parents must notify Woodleigh Reception as early as possible on the day their daughter/son is absent from school – this includes all senior students. Senior students who will miss a Unit 3 and 4 SAC or SAT due to absence MUST have a Medical Certificate (or similar) and present it to me as soon as they return to school so that Special Provision arrangements can be put into place. Students who know they will miss a SAC because of sport, excursions or OES trips etc., MUST see me prior to the event to organise a change of date and to complete the required VCAA paperwork.

Illness and the VCE

Last year and already this year, unfortunately, we have had quite a number of students unwell for extended periods of time.

Whilst vaccinations are most definitely family decisions, I’d like to give a timely reminder that flu vaccinations are now available and families may consider this as being a sensible decision in a year when missing time can create additional stress. When students are unwell, we can reschedule tasks, so please encourage ill students to stay at home and (hopefully) recover more quickly. 

Staffing updates

As mentioned in the last Newsletter, Mrs Ruth Ogier will be leaving Woodleigh during Week 5 of this term to explore external Special Education opportunities. We are very fortunate to have Ms Casey Hall already on staff to pick up Ruth’s load and she has been working alongside her since the start of Term 2 to ensure that this is a seamless transition. We farewell, and thank, Ruth for her work with us over many years.

Deb Agar
Head of Staffing and VCE Coordinator