From the Head of Campus: Car Park Safety

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am repeating the guidance I included in the last Messenger as there are still a number of families not adhering to our car parking guidance. Unfortunately, some parents are not following the instructions of staff on duty and we ask that you please support the following guidance.

Please adhere to the general procedures for school drop off and pick up:

  • Drive into one of the angled slots, pick up, and use the slip lane to get out quickly.
  • If the angled slots are taken, drive forward to the top and park in the indicated parallel lane. Move forward into an angled slot when possible, or drive forward and out when you are able to.
  • If all parking spots are taken please find a space in the rear car park. Alternatively make a circuit until an angled parking spot becomes available.
  • Please do not block the driveway entrance as our buses need to enter without obstruction in order to pick up our students, and they have a tight schedule to maintain. 
  • We ask students to all use the pedestrian crossing for drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. Can we please request that parents encourage their children to use the crossing too.
  • We request that parents and students please limit their speed to 10kph in the driveway and 5kph across Cruden Oval.
  • For parents using the car parking adjacent to Cruden Oval, please take note of the cones that staff on duty will deploy at these peak times.
  • Please do not park out on Golf Links Road – this is dangerous as it forces students to be crossing a busy road at pick-up time, which is totally unnecessary. We know it is more time-consuming to come into the school, but the road outside is actually quite complex at times with cars waiting to turn into the school and this presents a real danger to students. As there is no crossing outside the school, we do not supervise this area.
  • In order to ease traffic congestion, please adhere to the no right turn instructions for cars at school pick-up time (3.45-4.15pm). We request that parents turn left and utilise the Warrandyte Rd/Baxter-Tooradin Rd roundabout please. 
  • We also request that students are not dropped off or collected outside the Gym.
  • We would like to encourage parents waiting for students during drop-off and pick-up to please switch off your engines as you wait. You may be aware that the federal government is considering introducing anti-idling laws proposed to cut harmful vehicle emissions. In light of our core values of respect for self, others and the environment, we encourage parents to turn their engines off to help reduce the levels of noxious chemicals, including sulphur and diesel particles.

Many thanks for your support.

David Burton
Deputy Principal – Head of Senior Campus