From the Art Room

Over the year, students will be exploring drawing, collage, painting, threads and textiles, construction, and modelling. We will focus on the elements which apply to all areas of art education including line, shape, colour, pattern and texture. My hope is that the Art Room will be a safe, creative, and fun place for students.

Our first art activity for the year will be making collaborative art pieces which will be auctioned at the Minimbah County Fair on Friday 3 March.

ECC’s art piece will showcase self-portraits using paper strips and blackline drawings.

Foundation have begun making a collage and painted art piece called, ‘Isabella’s Garden’ inspired by the book of that name, written by Glenda Millard.

Year 1 and 2 are creating an art piece called, ‘It’s a small world’ using painted cardboard pieces and embellishments.

Year 3 and 4 are making a stunning, layered abstract painting to auction. This is yet unnamed.

Year 5 are exploring paper engineering to create a 3D fluoro art piece made of tabs.

Year 6 students’ art piece is titled, ‘Cups of Tea’ and consists of patterned painted teacups.

Art Teacher