French Exchange 2019

"During the holidays I travelled to France and lived there for six weeks, as I was participating in an exchange program. During this six week I attended school with my correspondent, Meilee and her sister Leewei for four weeks and for the other two weeks we were on holidays. 

For me, being in France was an amazing experience, being completely immersed in French culture and language was although daunting at times, incredible. The family I was stayed with lovingly accepted me into their family and made me feel at home in another country, which is something that I will never forget. 

This experience is one that I will never forget, from travelling through Paris to just enjoying a quite dinner with my host family every moment felt important and left a lasting impact on me. Although it was difficult, being away from my family and immersed in a different language this trip let me grow and find a new sense of independence. I’m looking forward to continuing the relationships I have built and returning to France at some point, in the hopefully near future." 

Year 11

"My experience on French exchange was absolutely incredible. Being immersed in the French culture and way of living has taught me so much and allowed me to grow so much as a person. 

Through the exchange I met so many great people, made some amazing friends and made memories that I will never forget. In the lead up to departure I was quite nervous as I was facing such a long trip and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Although very long, the flight was ok and directly from arrival in Geneva it was very interesting to see the different culture and way of life around us. The 3 days in Geneva were amazing for me as I got to know everyone I was with very well and got to see some amazing sights and just have a good time. From arrival in Lyon and meeting my exchange family, they were very welcoming and helpful. 

Going to school in France was such a big difference to here, as getting up and going to school in the dark and then coming, once again in the dark wax very weird. It was also quite interesting to how different the classroom environments were, being much more formal and almost dictated by the teacher in some classes. 

The days we went into Lyon or Geneva with all of the other Australians were some of the greatest moments for us all as we all got to meet new people and bond in a completely different way to back home. 

Spending Christmas and new years with my exchange family was also quite eye opening for me as it showed how different their Christmas traditions are and how they spend time with family compared to in Australia. 

Overall French exchange was an absolutely amazing experience for me as it taught me so much, not just improving in French, but improving as a person and just making some great friends and so many memories I will never forget." 

Year 11