Foundation – Year 2 Update

For our very last Discovery Day of 2020, it was so fantastic to be able to venture back out into our outdoor learning environments beyond the school gate. The children were so very excited and full of adventure.

Year 1 & 2 children loved the opportunity to share the Foundation children's spaces, taking up the leadership roles with enthusiasm and pride. From the moment the children left the Minimbah gates, it was evident that the day would be memorable! The children enjoyed taking risks, inquiring, thinking, using past knowledge, caring, and being reflective. When walking back through the Minimbah gate, we knew that the day had been a success – the children were dirty, still chatty, but oh so very tired.

The Foundation – Year 2 educators would like to wish all families a Very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy holiday. We look forward to seeing you all well rested in 2021!