Foundation Update

Welcoming the Foundation students back to school four weeks ago was fantastic. Getting out of the car on the first day back, I know many of the children felt all of the nerves and excitement of the first day of school, except they couldn’t have you there for a last hug or kiss as they entered the classroom. I was immensely proud of how they came in with big smiles and were all so excited to be back together. They have continued to prove their resilience and independence every day since returning to school. They have happily accepted changes and restrictions to our routines, and are now experts at sanitising their hands and carrying their bags up to the classroom every morning.

While this term hasn’t gone to plan, there is much for us to celebrate. We are making fantastic progress with our literacy and maths, and the children have loved continuing to learn more about living things. They have enjoyed being back in their specialist lessons such as dance, PE, art, and music. Our Creek Day’s have been a highlight as the children have loved having the time to play, build, and create amazing structures and games with their classmates.

Since being back at school, I have noticed how articulate and reflective the students have become, so I thought it might be helpful to ask them to share how they feel about being back at school for this messenger update.

“I am happy to be back at school because I get to play with everyone, even my teachers.”

“I was happy to come back to school because we get to go to the Creek. I feel so happy when I am down at the creek”.

“Since I started Foundation, I have loved learning all of the sounds. Now I can write”.

“It’s so good to be able to play on the playground again and see my friends.”

“I missed school when we were at home. Now I am getting good at reading and writing my name neatly”.

“The best thing about school is seeing my teachers and my friends too.”

“I am happy to be back playing at school. The most important thing so far in Foundation is learning letters”.

“When Grandma told me that I could come back to school, I said, ‘I cant wait to go back.’ I have got much better at reading and writing”.

“It’s so so so much better back at school. It gets very boring, doing schoolwork at home. I would rather go to school every day, even on the weekends”.

I am wishing you all a wonderful, restful break. I look forward to catching up with you during our Parent Teacher Interviews next term.

Foundation Classroom Teacher