Foundation Update

We have got off to a brilliant start in Foundation! It has been fantastic to see the children settle into our routines and become more independent and confident at school. Starting school can be exhausting for children (and families), so thank you for your help in making the transition so positive. We have a busy few weeks coming up to finish off our first term in Foundation, so please check the important dates below. Hopefully, you can join us for our first assembly on Thursday, 19 March.

Unit of Inquiry

Our central idea for this unit is, ‘Exploring personal identity helps us to understand and build relationships with others.’ We will be continuing to work on this unit throughout the term and explore relationships, belonging, identity, rights and responsibilities, and our emotions. Our lines of inquiry for this unit are;

An inquiry into;

  • Our personal identities
  • How we build relationships 
  • Ways our actions can affect others 

This is a perfect unit to begin our year with as it helps the children to understand the social and emotional concepts that build self-esteem, friendship, and a sense of belonging in our classroom community. The children loved sharing their ‘All About Me’ bags and have had many opportunities to reflect on the skills required to build relationships with others.

We look forward to sharing some of our understanding with you at our class assembly.


We have begun learning our Speed Sounds in ‘Read Write Inc’ time. The children have enjoyed exploring the sounds and learning to write them using the handwriting prompts for each letter. If you would like to see the order in which we teach the sounds or discuss the handwriting prompts with your child, check the small green book that came home in the children’s home reading folders last week. It’s great to encourage them to find the letters that they have learned on signs or in text, or if they are keen, they can practise writing them at home too.

Our focus during reading time this term has been on listening and responding to shared texts by answering and posing relevant questions and making predictions about what we are reading. We have been reading picture storybooks that relate to our central idea and concepts for our unit of inquiry. If your child has any books that they would like to bring in to share with us that focus on identity, relationships or emotions, that would be wonderful.

Our speaking and listening focus this term has been on listening respectfully and taking turns during conversations and class discussions. We are encouraging the children to listen actively and be able to express their ideas confidently. If your child would like to bring an item in for ‘Show and Share’ time in class they are welcome to. Photos, things that they have made, or any item connected to our unit of inquiry would be great. Feel free to email photos to me and then your child can share them with the class on the ‘big board.’


Our focus so far this term has been on number. We have worked on our ability to count and use number words and numerals to represent quantities. The children have enjoyed learning and playing dice games and watching video clips about numbers and problem-solving. We have also spent time learning the correct handwriting formation of the numerals so that we can efficiently and effectively record our mathematical thinking. We are beginning to look at patterns and the concept that a pattern repeats and can grow. We will look for patterns in everyday situations and explore the ways that we can describe, record and extend these patterns. Towards the end of the term, we will look at the measurement of time as we learn the days of the week and start to explore the months of the year.


  • If you are not already connected to your child’s Seesaw account or are having difficulty signing up, please let me know. I post regular updates of what we are up to in class so that your child can share what they have done at school with you.
  • Please make sure everything that your child brings to school is named so that we can help return lost items to them.
  • If you would like to sign up to come to the creek with us on a Wednesday, please let me know. We still have a few spaces available this term.
  • Please discourage your child from bringing toys into school, as often toys can get broken or go missing.
  • Reading folders should be returned to school each Friday so that we can help your child choose new ‘Read to me books’ to bring home each Monday. I also try to place any notes or printed information in these folders each week so that they make it home to you safely.


Labour Day Holiday - Monday 9 March

School Photo Day - Friday 13 March

PFG Meeting, 9.00 am - Friday 13 March

Foundation Assembly - Thursday 19 March

Grandparent’s Day - Tuesday 24 March

Penbank and Minimbah Sports Day - Thursday 26 March

Term 1 Concludes at 3.20 pm - Friday 27 March

Jacqui Wishart
Foundation Teacher