Finally coming together

It's been inspirational to watch teachers and children work as they prepare for the end of year events. By the time you will be reading this Letter Home, you would have already seen the screening of Perberkoong. Penbank children feature throughout and officially introduce the evening with the story of Bunjil. Perberkoong is also an opportunity to support the Cambodian Fundraiser, Friends of the Chumkriel Language School. I thank you for your support with these special projects.

Enjoy the Perberkoong Celebration and Cambodian Fundraiser

Perberkoong, the title gifted to us by Auntie Caroline Briggs, Elder from the Bunerong Lands Council, means 'Come Together.' It is our whole school assembling to celebrate the conclusion of our year. On this occasion, we express our gratitude and share the joys of our learning. It is a time to highlight our school's values and appreciate the strength that comes from unity in our teaching, care of students, and actions. Given the unique circumstances of the year, Perberkoong was enjoyed by everyone from home. Thank you for being there.


Throughout the term, CREATE has undoubtedly been a most inspiring project for Penbank students from Prep to Year 6. The unit of inquiry, How We Express Ourselves, has set the scene for children to explore and investigate how literature and the Arts are vital to our lives. It has been wonderful watching groups of children involved in their various provocations and projects that have contributed to the end of year finale. Inspired by this year's Book Week theme, Curious Creature, Wild Minds, we excitedly look forward to the presentation of 'Curious' on Monday evening, 7 December, at the Dromana 3 Drive-in. 

Don't forget to get your tickets!

Projects such as 'Curious' require enormous determination, vision, leadership, skill, and imagination. Reimagining this experience for our children, Drama and Dance teacher, Katherine Gordon, has been sensational in working with our teachers to develop their ideas and portray their stories in a movie. Involving all arts and all teachers, it has been a collaborative and incredible learning experience for all. I extend our enormous thanks and appreciation to Katherine for her dedication and commitment to the conceptual development of children's theatre at Penbank.


Meeting New Families

We were delighted to welcome our new parents to Penbank last Tuesday. We also look forward to welcoming all new incoming students for their orientation this week. These sessions are out of school hours following guidelines. We are happy we will now be able to conduct school tours for new parents while orientation sessions with teachers are in progress. We have been extremely grateful for our new families' patience during this very restrictive 'iso time' of the COVID.

January Picnics

Look out for your invitation to the January picnics arranged by our PFG (Parents and Friends Group) to all families. As we have not welcomed new parents and children to our community in our customary way, these PFG picnics will provide an excellent introduction for incoming children and parents.

School Meeting

With the success of the eradication of the COVID virus in Victoria, restrictions are significantly being reduced. We are delighted that we will convene next week's School Meeting from our hall with all students and staff together. Certainly paves the way for parents to be joining us next year. Fingers crossed!

Year 6 Graduation

It is with great pride that we graduate our Year 6 students on Friday. These young students have been exemplary throughout the year, facing many challenges with optimism and grit. As a staff, we have been delighted to see them grow into mature and responsible young people. They have immensely enjoyed being together for Term 4, enjoying the opportunity to connect as friends while immersing themselves in the range of programs and activities provided by their teachers. We congratulate them on their achievements and wish them great success as they venture into the next stage of their education. Enjoy the celebrations, Mick and Ashton's groups!

We will continue to keep you updated with any new information. Will see you all at the drive-in for the screening of 'Curious!'

Head of Penbank – Deputy Principal Woodleigh School