Field Gnats Mt Rothwell Conservation Field Trip – 14 and 15 September 2019

Our community partnership with Mount Rothwell now extends over 10 years. The wonderful people at Mount Rothwell generously gave their time, their knowledge and their animals to help us set up the Brian Henderson Wildlife Reserve. To say thank you, we started our regular visits to do some conservation work.

This weekend Hollie Hughes, Sarah Ellis, Danae Fidele, Karen Fenton, Maya Stubbs, Harvey White, Ava Drayton-Benson and Lilly Morgan performed regular animal husbandry tasks for three endangered animals: Eastern Quolls (all the females had full pouches of young), Eastern Barred Bandicoot and Stone Curlews and the iconic Dingo. They cleaned up the leftovers of the previous night’s food, removed the faeces, refreshed the water supply and in the evening, we fed all the animals. We also gave the Dingos some exercise.

The major task for the weekend was repairing the skirt on the predator-proof fence. The integrity of the fence is critical. The current attacker is a local echidna keen to get through the fence. However, if the echidna succeeds, then feral cats and foxes may follow and the many populations of marsupials will be endangered. So, we cleared the soil away from the fence, added a further 30 cm of width to the skirt, pinned it all down and reburied it.

We also brought home, Cooper, an older male Quoll who has lost a leg. He will be able to enjoy his retirement at the BHWR.

You’ll note the beautiful mural painted by a local Geelong artist, which details the work of the wonderful team at Mount Rothwell. Our own artist, Hollie, has been inspired and is thinking about achieving something similar next year for the Brian Henderson Wildlife Reserve.

Another fantastic weekend of volunteer conservation work for our partners in conservation.

A huge thank you to Jenny Emery for all her support with the team.

Dr Gary Simpson
Director of the Brian Henderson Wildlife Reserve