ECC Rug - thanks to the PFG!


We were thrilled to return from the holidays to find our beautiful, brand new rugs! A big THANK YOU to our wonderful Parents and Friends Group for purchasing these for our classroom – they look fantastic and are a big improvement on the outdoor rugs we have been using since our old rugs were removed. Sincere gratitude to Ang (Maisie's mum) and Danni (Max's mum) for coordinating the purchase of them! (Lisa Coxon)

What the children of The Cocoon have to say:

  • "Our new carpet is a present from the Parents and Friends Group, does anyone know what that is?" (Lisa)
  • "They go to a meeting." (Maisie)
  • "They talk about stuff." (Albie)
  • "Does anyone want to write a letter to the PFG to say thank you?" (Lisa)

Alannah, Albie and Max S. volunteer to help ... What should the letter say?

  • "Thank you for our mats." (Maisie)
  • "We will look after it." (Max S.)
  • "We like the colour." (Dane)
  • "It's fluffy." (Dallas)
  • "We have to eat at the table, not on the mat." (Isaac)